Tuesday, February 26, 2008

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It's loud here today.

The jam sessions around here can get pretty intense. Especially when E is playing, he REALLY likes him some drums!
In other news, we've been pretty boring lately (being a bit confined by only one car running) but we did manage to make it out to Farmington Bay bird refuge with Grandma to see the hundreds of bald eagles there. They boys had a great time getting muddy. For M, the highlight was seeing a dead carcass of a partly eaten carp, and for E it was the thought of maybe getting pooped on by the one overhead. Can't beat a free activity like that.

(that tree in the distance is covered in Eagles, you can't really see very well though)

Lastly, can any of my loyal readers recommend a good exercise video?

Why? I have been horrible lately (like for the past year) about getting sweaty. I used to rely on packing the boys in slings and nursing to burn off those calories I'm so fond of, but now that they're older I have let it slide. It is REALLY hard to get to the gym because of the limited hours and child care issues, but I've resolved to get there at least once a week. For those other 2-3 times I'm shooting for, I need something I can do while they sleep. A treadmill is way too much money, but a video is okay I guess. I already have Yoga conditioning for weight loss, but that's it. I am extremely uncoordinated when it comes to aerobics that resembles dancing, but I am pretty open minded.

Also, if you see me ask me if I've exercised today, I need some pressure to get up off my lazy butt.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

"The Meal"

So we've now had 8 Valentine's Dinners together (me and Gage, not me and you) and we've had the same meal at each one. It's a silly tradition of ours. When V-Day came around, we'd been dating for only 12 days. It would have been weird to do something "really mushy," since we just weren't to that stage yet. Gage and his roomate, Patrick, asked me one day what Patrick should get his girlfriend for V-Day. I was, as we have all found out, a bit silly in those days and went on about how a slinky is the best gift for reasons xyz, etc... It turns out they were asking for Gage. He got me a slinky. I gave him a totally silly corny big heart that I'd written a message on and glued conversation hearts to for parts of the message (kind of like a candy bar poster) We still have these in a box (what I call my "shoebox of lies" for all you BNL fans) Anyway, the meal: Gage said come over at 6 and I'll feed you dinner. I (for some reason) crimped my hair (all of it!) which made it HUGE. I wore a red turtleneck sweater and gray pants of my roomate's. He made me a caesar salad, steak kabobs with peppers and red onion, baked potatoes, orange juice, and no-bake cheesecake. We have deviated with the dessert a few times, but none of the rest. This year's dessert was heart shaped brownies. The best was our second V-day when we lived upstairs from the Book Table in Logan and the only place to grill was out on a fire escape in the snow. That's Love.

This year I also decided to make a holidayish lunch for the boys' benefit. I made heart shaped sandwiches and bananas and cookies and they ate on the cute plates auntie And got them.

The boys loved their little gifts, it was the best $4 I've spent in a while!
This is a quilt panel I finished up for Valentines this year.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Love Birds

The first person to get my husband a paying client (tax business) wins a pair of lovebirds from my flock.

Also, a huge THANK YOU to my friend Shelly for bringing us dinner on Monday. We were all feeling yucky, and it was very much appreciated. The bread bowls were awesome, and E especially enjoyed the soup. So much, he finished it off from the serving bowl!

In other news, we had the first of 8 parties to anticipate our trip this September to Disneyworld. This month, we viewed the movie Lilo & Stitch, and had a Hawaiian feast with Kalua Pork bowls, Mele Kalikimaka punch, and coconut bread bar. We are watching movies that are not as well known so we know what the rides are all about. Next month is Dumbo, but everyone is looking forward to July's "Song of the South" we have planned, since that movie is pretty much impossible to find. (thanks Cosmos!) So you may think I'm crazy, but I came up with this because I think planning for a trip like this is part of the fun.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Our Honeymoon

I just decided the other day to try my hand at digital scrapbooking. It's really easy! Everything I've used so far is free, too. This is good for me, I already have hobbies that cost a lot. I'm sure some of you who have been doing this will know mine is amateurish, but it's fun. So I'm posting a sample and it's pictures of our honeymoon to Jackson. This is still the only trip we've been on just the two of us. We're hoping to do another adults only trip some time before any more babies, maybe for our 10th anniversary in 2 years, or maybe before that. Any suggestions?

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

More old memories

I'm not sick of the old photo thing yet, so that's what it's going to be for awhile. Besides, what's really going on in real life that's so exciting?

Gotta love the Martha Washington hair in the pool. This was Liz's pool on my 19th birthday. Sum, Marf, Liz, and Amanda woke me up and whisked me away for a birthday breakfast then swimming.
I think this was at Red Robin with all the Madrigals. Why can't we just make normal faces?
Lover's Feast 1999. I have blocked most of this out of my memory, but it still drifts to the surface around this time of year.
Yay, gold robes! HS Graduation in 1999. Oh, to be 17 again and have my biggest worry be that my hair went flat. (okay, sometimes it is)
This was my one and only time going to EFY. I was 14 and Sara was 15. This was the ONLY decent picture of EFY I could post on the internet in good conscience. I don't miss the braces (or the dinosaur neck- or do I still have that?)

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Crazy College Days

Okay, I've been working on scanning in old "pre-digital" photos so that if my house burns, yada yada. Anyway, we were weird in college. I thought some of you may get a kick out of these. Or you'll just think even less of me.

This is our second date. I made brocolli cheese soup, hashbrowns with peppers, and OJ. Why this odd combo? Well, for some reason, I had made up this thing that I was a "food psychologist" and would tell people what food they were and why. So, as I went on about this and met Gage, he asked what food he was. He was the hashbrowns. Apparently, I had assigned myself brocolli soup. So, I made him this dinner to see if our foods "went together" or not. How weird is that? We are all dressed up because I sent him a fancy invitation for the date and it said to wear a suit. (keep in mind this is winter in Logan and I have very little money- maybe you'll understand) I think after we watched Star Wars. So romantic.
We had this chair that was supposed to go in our living room, but we spent a lot of time together in the kitchen, so we put ours in there and Sum used to sit there a lot to correct math homework (her job) Gage and I sat in it a lot together. Because of that, we once took it to campus and took pictures in it.
Becki and Sum were the ward activities directors. Once we had a dinner with taco salads for the ward. We thought it was funny how much lettuce was in the fridge, so we took a picture. Why I decided to put mine on my head is still a mystery.
We liked to sing and dance a lot. Me and Mel preferred the sound quality of the wooden spoon.
Who says only 4 year old girls play dress up?

Me and the 12 string I used to play a lot.

For halloween, we went as angels. Super cheesy. I don't know where Tash is, I guess taking the picture.
Me and my roomate Tash sitting on my bed. I miss you Tash, it's been forever!