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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

This & That

I don't know why I have nothing to blog about- I am plenty busy and stuff has been going on. Nothing super note worthy but a lot of projects. Yardwork, basement finishing, housework, schoolwork, you get the picture. On Saturday we got to picnic with Grammy & Pops who were on their way down to Vegas, and one of us (I won't say who) got to go to a few quilt shops as well. On Sunday the boys (and I even joined in for a minute) played Legos peacefully for hours. It was kind of even a day of rest, more than when they were toddlers anyway. I snapped a quick picture of the building-bonding going on.

Our ants are making a lot of progress on their tunnels. Sadly it's because they are trying to get out.
Here is a wall! Good job, honey! I got to help with the getting the wood in the house part and handed in 120 or so boards and studs to DH through the window last Saturday.

Spring is trying to get here. M snapped a picture of some flowers in our yard. (I chose this one and not the beautiful dandelions he also captured on his camera)

E with a "Lego Eye." Also to show that we cut his hair because he wouldn't play outside his head would get so sweaty.

I found these on the camera to my surprise. The boys like to take many pictures of their Playmobil "setups" that they so lovingly make and want preserved in the middle of the floor for days.

Friday, April 23, 2010

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pioneer week and other adventures in preschool

The boys have been enjoying doing our school by a weekly theme. Last week was space week and we did a bunch of experiments mostly involving flour and messes to show what it is like in Space. I didn't really stop to take pictures of that though. However, the week before that was Pioneer week, and was when E was at the height of his "take a picture of me doing _______" so there are lots of pictures of it!

This week doesn't really have a theme, we've just been busy with birthdays and M is enjoying doing his "homework" packet he got at Kindergarten Roundup. Oh, yes, and we are enjoying playing outside!

I guess there was one picture of us kicking off space week. It really has nothing to do with space but you have to make snowmen when there's snow, right?!

M is way into pioneers, and since E is into cowboys, ropes, guns, horses, button up shirts, etc. it worked out well to do a pioneer unit. First we read stories about Cove Fort and Gordon B. Hinkley's father who grew up there and they built their own version. (and tried to talk me into driving them there, but it's several hours' drive, so I had to say no)

After singing some pioneer songs (conveniently in the Children's Songbook) we did some pioneer crafts. E wanted to paint a backdrop so he did a cabin scene and M put together a covered wagon kit (with my help)

E didn't think it was fair the animals should always pull the people, so here we have a pioneer pulling a horse.

We had some fun reading our book about the pony express and the early mail system. E thought that was still an occupation and was sad that he couldn't be one when he grew up. M decided those mail trucks we have now are way better. The main character in the story had quite the mustache, so the boys made some for themselves out of bread at lunchtime.

Our field trip was to the DUPS museum in Salt Lake. It had been a while since I'd been there- but even though half of it was closed for renovation, it didn't disappoint. It still had the staples I remembered from my childhood such as these centennial queens' dresses, the string from Joseph Smith's underwear when he was martyred, the silk worm exhibit, and the famous 2 headed sheep.

E enjoyed the many swords and guns of various prophets and especially the cane made of a snake vertebrae. (didn't catch it in the picture)

So there you have it. A preschoolers view of the pioneers. Oh, and a funny thing: E thinks that I was a pioneer when I was little. He must really think I'm OLD!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

And E is officially 4

I feel weird having my youngest (living) child be 4 years old! No diapers, stollers, naps, or highchairs for us. It is really bittersweet. We've had Robin Hood everything these last few days, it's been kind of fun. He has already gotten really good at shooting with the bow & arrow set I gave him.
Here he is, starting from the day he was born, 4 years ago today!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Thursday, April 8, 2010

the "E turns 4" photo shoot

One of the many things going on at our house this past few weeks is E's birthday. A birthday means new pictures, and I decided to do them myself this year. Here are a few that I think show his personality: (note the stick in the first one)

And not to be left out, M insisted that many also be taken of him. Here is a cute one of him:

A big thanks to my friend for lending me her camera!

Monday, April 5, 2010

The white stuff

Good thing we already found all the eggs in the yard!

This is insane- especially that it is so bright out that I can get these photos with no flash at 10:15 at night.

Front yard:


Friday, April 2, 2010