Friday, May 27, 2011

C is 5! (mos)

I have been trying to blog this last week, but it hasn't been working for me, so here it finally is, although C turned 5 mos. on Sunday. I wanted to document some of his new mad skills- he has gotten more since the last update.

In no particular order, because I don't have time to order them:

He traveled on his first vacation! We enjoyed a full week in Oceanside, CA. We did a lot of fun activities in San Diego, went to Disneyland for a day, and enjoyed the beach. He was a trooper and it helped that he and I flew while the rest drove. He got his own mickey ears with his name, same size that his brothers are still wearing (the infant size is HUGE!)

The condo had only showers, so here he is in the kitchen sink- he liked it but we caught this face on film- sort of funny!

He is LOVING his exersaucer! M got it for Christmas from Grammy & Pops when he was little, and it is still going strong. 2 other neighbors have also borrowed it as well.

He is definitely a toy kid. LOVES his toys. They help keep him happy during cold t-ball games.

Here he is at 6am. Another new skill is getting up even earlier than his brothers. Awesome!

Knee rolls- an accomplishment in itself.

And this is the skinny part of him!

Obsessed with his feet and eating toes!

Sitting on his own and rolling front to back or side & very strong like his brothers.

SO happy most of the time!

Oh, and drooling even more than before, we must not forget the drooling!

Stay tuned for a post about my garden & yard, if I get time to do one ;)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Easter Weekend

Easter weekend we were all supposed to go to Boise for a visit. C got RSV the day we were supposed to leave, so I sent DH, M, & E off and stayed home to do round-the-clock meds, breathing treatments, and suctioning to keep C out of the hospital (and make him hate me)

The boys had a ton of fun with the family. I'm glad they went. Here are some highlights.

Going with Pops to the neighborhood's egg hunt.

Having a ton of fun hunting eggs- they got a lot of candy!

Easter crafts with cousins, aunts, uncles, and Grammy.

They celebrated E's birthday and this was a fun beanbag game they played.

Watching robot shrinky-dinks in the oven- that was the craft E wanted for his party.

Another Egg hunt- this time with cousins and in Grammy & Pops' yard!

Mini-Easter-cupcakes. Happy Birthday E!

The much-wished-for green lightsaber!

Spoiled with gifts!

Easter morning- the part I was very sad to miss! Since it was Stake Conference, and the boys had just sat through one the week before, they watched a movie about Christ and had an Easter lesson with DH. They headed home after a yummy Easter dinner and I was SO happy to see them!

I obviously didn't get pictures of myself while they were gone, but my mom came over to help with treatments and she helped C look through his Easter basket. I had Easter dinner with my parents. More of a 4th-of-July menu with Hamburgers, potato salad, etc.. It was nice to not eat alone!