Monday, August 30, 2010

Another first

On Saturday I guess I officially became a "soccer mom." Since I had not previously had a child participate in soccer, I technically wasn't. Not that I drive a Volvo or have a dog and drink endless coffee or diet Coke, as the case may be. I think those are the "official US soccer mom requirements," but I'm not sure.

Anyway, E picked Soccer for his sport this year (good thing, because he was too young for t-ball or anything else I know of) He is excited and loves it so far. I will admit to being a bit shocked that a child of mine actually did WELL at a sport. (M has his talents, bless his heart) He is the tallest (I know!?) and biggest of his 5 man team of 4 year olds, so that helps. He knows the rules now, too, so that will help. He is a bit timid but when he dares he can get the ball away and take it down the field (I should say "field") pretty quickly. He is pretty good at defending as well. We'll see what happens when he has to play more than 1/2 the game- he sat out 2 of the quarters this first game.

Sorry, it really sounds braggy! I am just really shocked- I have 0 sports talent so I can thank others for contributing to the DNA. Thanks guys!

Watching the team play while he sat out

Monday, August 16, 2010

It's begun

I need to catch up with the end of July and our family reunion, but today I have to post about today. My oldest son went to his first day of school! He is there right now, so I don't know how it went yet, but I could tell he was pretty nervous before. I went and waited in line with him until his teacher, Mrs. Susana, brought them in then we waved goodbye and left. I did not cry and didn't see any other moms or dads crying, so I guess we all did okay. He was very anxious to get there all day and kept asking how much longer. He could barely eat any lunch, so he's probably hungry now. He went and got into the car 1/2 hour before it started so I agreed to drive around until it was time to be dropped off. It was funny how he was so excited but so nervous!

Front and back view of him all ready to go in his uniform. He wanted me to get a picture of the Beatles patch we got him for his backpack. If you ask him to he will identify each member of the band and their instrument and which songs they are famous for singing.

In front of the school, then in line with his friend M (who is not in his class, he was so sad) I can't imagine a more awesome smile ;)

P.S.- The banner at the top of the post has finally been finished! I started making it in I think February or March. I made up 16 of the chalk-cloth squares with rivets at the top that can be strung on in any combination to spell different things in chalk. I am pretty happy with how it turned out, except I would have backed it in dark fabric so the light didn't come through quite so much. Oh well- it's done!