Friday, March 27, 2009

"Okay, everybody line up oldest to youngest"

So, I was going through my iPhoto library to find updated pictures for our blog header (not much luck), and I thought it was so funny these pictures of my mom's family growing up.

Why does nobody pose like this anymore? It was really the thing in the 60's.

(P.S. In case you are curious, my mom is the youngest of the 5 girls, second to youngest child.)

His own bed?

Co-sleeping has been great so far for the most part, but E is getting so big that it is time for him to venture out on his own. We kept telling him that he could wait until he turned 3, but we decided to set up the crib mattress by our bed the other night. So far he's gone to sleep every night in it. He gets absolutely terrified if you leave the room, but as long as you're there and all the doors/closets are closed he goes to sleep eventually. He has a picture of a bed he puts stickers on and it has helped motivate to some extent. We told him he'd get 2 stickers instead of 1 if he stayed in it all night, but I don't think he even knows he crawls in with us, he hasn't been able to make it so far, but here's hoping! I'm just proud of him that he's taking this step. Maybe someday he won't be so scared of his bunk bed. Until then, we'll keep plugging away.

Hey, I can't complain too much, the kid did potty train himself before age 2 1/2 and is pretty independent in the daylight hours.

In other news-the appraiser is coming today and we've ordered the appraisal for our new house. Things are moving along!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Inspection went well

Well, I am pretty sure these people will really buy our house! The inspection went pretty well, and we have the appraisal set up for Monday morning. In all likelihood, we will be moving in a month from now!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Non-House Goings on

Okay, I'm taking a break from anything house or illness related to tell you about our normal lives.

Yesterday we had preschool here and we had a St. Patrick's Day party! (one boy was sick, there are usually 5 here) The kids had fun coloring leprechauns and going on a treasure hunt. We ended it with a lunch of all green with the moms and kids. For breakfast, we had green crepes. The kids were a bit wary of them at first until they realized they tasted normal.

Last Thursday we went to the Draper Temple Open House with Aunty And. Here are the boys all dressed up before we left. It was a good experience for M, and I think he learned a lot. E not so much, it was his bedtime and he kept screaming and trying to run away. M's favorite part was the creation room with the paintings on the walls. E liked the sealing room, or as he calls it "the room with all the ghostes." (?)

I also (a few weeks ago) chopped my hair short, but I have no pictures of it.

Monday, March 16, 2009

An accepted counteroffer

I don't want to hold my breath but these people sound a little more serious. They agreed to most of our terms, and will be having their inspection on Friday at 9am. If they like what they see, we will stop showing the house, but for now, we are still trying to collect offers. (had 2 showings today) If these buyers do buy it, we will close on April 16th. (hmmm, wonder why we'd want to wait until that day...)

I hope that it all goes through and we can move on with our lives, this is sure turning into a boring blog. I do have other things going on/I still have kids, but I just spend a lot of time cleaning then leaving the house so it's hard to blog/remember to take pictures. I will try to dig out my camera and take some pictures of our St. Patty's Day Preschool Party tomorrow.

Just wanted to keep you all updated on the news!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

An offer

We got another offer yesterday, and we countered and are waiting to hear back. Fingers crossed that 3rd time is the charm!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Say a little prayer for me....

We could really use some prayers/good thoughts right now if you have any to spare!

I didn't post about our most recent offer so as not to jinx it, but it fell through today so I guess it doesn't jinx it. We are really discouraged, as we are doing everything we can to cooperate and be generous for all these buyers. They even got as far as an appraisal- which went well- it appraised for more than we asked, but in the end they decided to get a fixer upper instead.

So we've been way sick on top of all this- all four of us, but mostly me, how annoying! I went to a Dr. finally who thought I had a bunch of infections- in my ears, lungs, throat, and sinuses. I am on antibiotics but so far am not any better. Luckily, DH is feeling better after a few days off work and has been SUCH a huge help - thank you honey! E is mostly over it, and M just started last night, and with his asthma, I am concerned, but we're keeping on top of it.

As for the good news- we have a showing tomorrow morning. So, hold a good thought for this one- I don't even think they are FHA, which would be a first.

If we don't go under contract soon- we will lose the house we're trying to buy and I don't know if we will move at all- so I am just hoping like crazy this happens soon!

Another BIG thanks to my parents for bringing me some oils and a diffuser and to Shelly for taking M yesterday when he was SO bored!