Thursday, July 31, 2008

Now I'm Old

I just wanted to post a big thank you for a great birthday!

Tuesday I turned 27, which I feel like sounds a lot older than 26 for some reason, even though technically with rounding up, they are both 30. Anyway, now I'm old.

The day started with the DH making me some cinnamon-pecan pancakes with a candle in. We ate those and then I got to open my huge present. Really this is so exciting for me!
A piano!

I haven't had one in my home for 9 years or so, so I'm extremely rusty (and wasn't that great to begin with, only took lessons through 5th grade) but I've been practicing any chance I get and am excited to get better.

I also got some jelly beans from the boys. (yum!) and a big THANKS to MIL and FIL for the sweet spatula, disney dollars (which I was instructed to spend frivolously) and the cutest clear stamps (I love those!)

It was a good birthday. As we do many a summer day, we went to Cherry Hill and swam. We went with some good friends and at lunch, DH got a coconut creme pie from the Pie Pantry and we had a little celebration. Thanks guys, that was fun!

Dinner was lovely, at the Mandarin in Bountiful. Just the DH and I and some scrumptious food (and a table of several members of the 70 next to us) Then we went Christmas/birthday shopping for the kids. (I know, this is ridiculous, but we don't often get to shop without them)

In a few hours we are going camping at Bear Lake where I will have my little birthday celebration with my fam, we're all looking forward to some beautiful views, cold water, and relaxation in the dirt.

Enrichment Project

Here you go, Whit.

This is something I came up with for my ward, but they never did. The red is kit is one a (really awesome) friend made me. I am posting it for my SIL for her ward.

Red mix 'n match kit: (there is a sheet where the numbers to spell things are written, or you can make even more yourself)
16 1 1/2" blocks- 4.80 (, if you buy at least 500 and get the free shipping)
sponge brush- .25
vinyl- 6.00 (this is a quote from a ward member at a discount, so would vary)
paint- .25
sandpaper- .15
Total: $11.45

Paper backed block sets- set of 8 blocks
8 2" blocks- 4.80 (based on buying at least 100 blocks and getting free shipping at
paper- .50
glue stick- .30
vinyl- 4.80
sandpaper- .15
Total for Kit- 10.55
Set 1:
Set 2:

Paper backed block sets- set of 4 blocks (either one)
4 2" blocks- 2.40
paper- .50
glue stick- .30
vinyl- 2.40
Total for kit- 5.50

Monday, July 21, 2008

More detail about Laundry than you ever wanted to know

Lately I feel like my house is overrun with clothes. I guess part of it is that "the stockpiling" has begun (more on that later) Mostly it's because of laundry. I think I'm like most people, but maybe not. We'll see:

I grew up knowing in my heart of hearts that laundry was done on Mondays. This is the true day to do laundry. My mother did (does) it on Monday, my Grandmother did (does) it on Monday, and I know from my Great-Grandmother's journals that she did a "big wash" every Monday. In my laundry doing infancy, I tried to buck the system. I started doing it regularly soon after I turned 18 and moved in with said Grandmother. She did her laundry on Mondays, which was kind of a busy day for me school and work-wise anyway, so I stepped aside and I think chose Thursday or something. The next year, I used the laundry at my apartment when it was least busy, usually on varying (gasp!) days. Fast forward to married life. At this point, I actually felt a pull to return, as a proper married woman, to the true day. But, as many of you know, I am stubborn, and sometimes (not usually but sometimes) I want to be different just for the sake. So I think I chose Thursday again. (a little fuzzy on the exacts) I continued this until I worked full time and then DH was put in charge of a lot of the house stuff full time. After having M, I resumed household tasks and had to do laundry EVERY day. He had bad reflux, which mostly got MY shirts dirty. So I rotated 6 days and did Whites, diapers, colors, whites, diapers, darks. This continued until about a year ago when E ended his reflux days. At that point I succumbed to the guilt of deviating from the true laundry day. These days you can find me at home on Mondays, doing all the laundry of the week, which adds up to a lot, esp. in the summer and with an unusually dirty 2 year old.

Now I know some of you are thinking I should just do what my mother-in-law did in her child-rearing years and put in a load each morning so it never "takes over the house." I wish I could change, I do. It's just in my genetics and something you can't easily wash out. (ha ha)

This is what got me thinking about this in the first place- how are the energy consumption levels on Mondays around here? I mean, I know that many of my fellow pioneer-stock-or-whatever mothers have been indoctrinated similarly, and I'm just waiting for one of these Mondays to produce a total blackout from too many loads of laundry. What about that, huh?

So more on the stockpiling.... I could wait until it's actually cold and/or my kids grow out of/wear out their current wardrobe, but then I could only afford to buy them like 1 outfit each (and would be forced to do laundry on an un-true day) So I do what many others probably do. I have a list of things we need and am constantly looking for them to be under $5, then I begin to stockpile. It may not produce a wardrobe of perfectly coordinated gymboree ensembles, but it leaves a little money to pay the bills.

So I buy what is left of last winter's clothes and summer stuff for next year. I'm sure my sons will be mortified to have the wash on their jeans be "so last season" but they'll forgive me. This week I ordered 4 pairs of jeans, a hat, a few shirts, and 6 pr. undies from Children's Place for like $28. I got a few more pairs of pants at the mall for under $4 each. I feel like it's better in some ways than the DI route, where you pay about twice that for something 8 boys have already worn, but I do feel bad about the buying from a chain store that makes things possibly unethically. I digress. But anyway, I'm doing what I can with my budget. It's kind of fun doing it slowly instead of waiting until I need it and spending a lot more.

So that's why there are clothes all over my house. If you've made it this far, I'm sorry you had to hear all those details.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Pedal! Pedal!

My son is almost 4 and still learning to peddle and steer a tricycle. It's finally going a little better. And he wants a "big bike" for his birthday, so we'll see how that goes...
Last night we had a bike parade for our primary and he wouldn't peddle during the parade, but afterwards he rode it around the parking lot with some other kids! (he's had it for a year and a half and still hasn't ridden it that long) E enjoyed riding in the wagon with our (grandma's) dog Oswald, who wore his "all American Dog" costume for the occasion. He was a big hit at the ice cream party afterwards.

Anyway, it was fun!
On Monday night for FHE, we went to the boys first really ballgame, the Bees in SL. They were bored by 2nd inning, but we stretched it out long enough to stay through the 4th, then they'd had it. So I guess their first almost-half a ballgame. We let them burn off energy at a playground after and they really thought it was a great night. Thanks for the tickets, Grandpa!

We've had another typical July week- Cherry Hill, the movies for Playgroup, shopping with Grandma, some out to lunches, good times. Tonight we're going Camping!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Bowling, Cache Valley, Cooking, and a Parade

I have wanted to do a post about something interesting, but I'm just too tired lately. My allergies cause such fatigue... Anyway, so here's the same 'ol "what we did this week."

We had a lot of fun at playgroup on Wednesday bowling. E had bowled before, but I don't think he remembered. M was actually pretty good, holding the ball correctly and getting a score of 90 including a strike, all without my help. (bumpers, of course, make that a little more doable for a 3 year old) Of course, we all know the coolest part is the shoes you get to wear!

E I think threw the most gentle balls, all of us breathlessly waiting the 3 minutes it took for the cute little 6 pounder to make it to the end of the lane.

Forgot to take any pics, but on Thurs. we went up to Cache Valley (just me and the kids) and had a nice visit with my Grandma & Carl in Hyrum, then headed to the Bluebird to meet uncle Che for dinner. M has been begging to eat there for months. No doubt inspired by the chocolate you get to pick out at the end of your meal. He wasted his meal but I caved and still got the chocolate for him, which he surprisingly had room for. After that we went to swim at Uncle Che's pool. It must have been a good time because we lost track of time and were in there at least a few hours. Thanks Che!

That night, DH went to my Girlfriend's Cooking Club for me, since I was in Logan. I think he quite enjoyed being a girlfriend for the night. Here's what I made this month (the Quesadillas)

Friday night we decided to use the DH's yearly b-day giftcard from work and go to a movie all together as a family. Keep in mind this is a FIRST. I had taken M to a movie in January and it didn't go so well. E had not been at all. After a total of 3 time-outs in the hall and a great ongoing game of musical chairs, we had been to our first movie at a (non-drive-in) theater. We saw (well, most of..) Wall-E. Great show :)

Yesterday we just had to catch another parade, there are only so many opportunities! We went to the Farmington Festival Days parade and checked out the park after. It was nice and cool and all in the shade. A few of my cousins were in the various bands that played. After that, my parents treated all of us to lunch at Cafe Rio. Yumm! And THANKS mom and dad!

P.S. While I write this, E is begging me for a "chocolate cucumber" Don't know where he's heard of those?!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I know, I know, I never post anymore except random pics and stuff. I have been just so busy all the time that sleep usually wins. I have really enjoyed many of your blogs lately though and try to at least read those every few days.

Yesterday I spent some time revamping/finalizing/printing our plans to Disneyworld, because we were able to change flights to a much earlier, DIRECT flight! I am really excited because it gets us there at 4pm instead of like 11pm so we essentially have another evening now. Plus, direct flight with 2 little boys? Much better! I have also been buying those random things you need to buy for a trip like this. It is a lot of work, but I'm sure it will be worth it.

A little more about our 4th than DH said about it....

My bro doing his thing at a swanky neighborhood picnic.

Us encroaching on the above swanky neighborhood picnic.

The boys jumping in a jumpy thing at the Kaysville Fireworks

My dad holding his baby dog waiting for the fireworks. He even put on his patriotic tie-dye!

Us and some friends at the Centerville parade

Anyway, we got together with friends the 5th and 6th for dinners, had another BBQ with family at my parents on the 7th, and I have a lot this week as well. We'll be heading to Logan on Thursday and have another parade/fireworks thing on Saturday. As for today, I'm off to Costco to buy dinner fixins for 60, it's that time of the month again!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Playgroup Party

Thanks to everyone who came to our playgroup summer party, it was really fun!