Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mirror Lake Camping Trip

At the beginning of the week we left for the Uintahs for a camping trip, just the 4 of us. It was a fun trip, although a lot of work for being cut in half by weather. It's pretty common at 10,000 ft. to get stormy weather, so we shouldn't have been surprised, but we were still disappointed to come home without even getting to make our fire-grilled-cheeses the second night. Our tent leaked a bit so it wasn't really a possibility to stay on in the storm. There were a lot of "firsts" for the boys so that was way fun. Sorry it's so picture heavy, but my camera was left in the rain for several hours and the sun for several before that so I'm just so grateful to still have the pictures that it was hard to choose! (blaming pregnant brain)

This was our campsite- dirt by the road in the sun- all the other 63 or whatever were better, but not too much. Oh well!

As soon as we set up camp, E made a "rock collection"
Checking out our surroundings
Our view of bald mountain from the lake shore
E's "weapon" made by uncle B had to be hauled up- we fixed it with more tape and he used it to protect us from wild animals.
This is the reason there are so many pictures of E and not M- he was in the tent listening to his books.
E cooking his first hot dog over a fire- he has always wanted to do this, especially since he hates smores.
The classic Jiffy Pop for the 3 boys
World's fattest marshmallow- the boys begged to buy these and they made funny smores!
We played about 50,000 card games waiting for dark- most were in the tent after we were getting eaten alive.
Hiking around the lake- the boys did well on their first sort of "real" hike- it was 1.5 miles and they didn't complain once!
One of the 7 animals we saw on the hike- fish!
And the biggest on the list- a deer just feet away munching on grass.
Shining beautiful lake behind my cute boys
Educational spot on the trail about fallen logs
M did a pretty good job taking a picture- I got one to prove I was there!

After this picture was taken I left my camera on my camp chair in camp. We drove to Provo River Falls and looked, then down to Kamas for a picnic lunch and swimming at their rec. center for a few hours, followed by shakes. It was as we were heading back to camp that it started to rain and by the time we got there everything was soaked. The kids sat in the car while we hurriedly packed up our muddy mess and we drove all the way home- complete with getting lost in Heber City. It was quite a day! Another trip to Boise for the family reunion next week and then M starts school- it's been a quick summer in a lot of ways!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pioneer Weekend

Pioneer weekend started last Wed. when we went to the Treehouse Museum to participate in the "pioneer school" activity. Thursday was the days of '47 rodeo (just DH and the boys) and Saturday we did slip 'n slide and a cookout and fireworks at Grandma and Grandpa's. A fun time was had! I couldn't help wishing that pioneer day fell sometime when it was a) not as hot and b) not in July (I hate that people mix it up with patriotic themes, which it has little/nothing to do with). Oh well!

Getting ready to leave- in their most "cowboyish" clothes

(remember the vest E is wearing- yep, it was too small last summer)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

So the big news that is not news to most people

is that I am expecting. I loved being pregnant so much last summer that I couldn't wait to do it again! No really, it is crazy having such close pregnancies (babies less than 15 mos. apart), but who wants to have even more than 5 years between living children? It will already be a task trying to remember how to take care of a baby as it is. Here are a list of noteworthy things so far:

- I am 18 weeks and 2 days along today- so almost halfway there
- I am due on December 23rd- Merry Christmas!
- I am (and have been for a while) in maternity clothes full time- #4 is fun!
- I have been pretty sick, at least as sick as with Nolan, but probably more this time
- No, that doesn't mean it's a girl- because he definitely has boy parts
- The baby is measuring right on so far and there have been no problems with the pregnancy
- We THINK he's healthy, but don't for sure know that he doesn't have a diaphragmatic hernia yet- we were able to rule out some other related defects though.
- Yes, I am very nervous about that and experiencing a lot of (negative) deja vu- especially with having another boy
- The gender has been very hard on the children, especially M- don't ask them if they're excited about another brother unless you want an honest answer.
- No, we aren't for sure on a name yet- we have already chosen 6 boys' names so far, (including middles) and it is hard coming up with more! Interestingly enough it is far easier than choosing a girls' name though.
- Yes- I am excited about the thought of having a baby in the house again someday- hopefully it is this one that gets to come home!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Camping with a lot of people

We went camping with my mom's side of the extended family this past weekend for 3 days, it was really fun for my kids to not be the only kids- they have no cousins on my side but have a lot of second cousins just their ages! I think we had about 50 people by the last night. We did skits in a bag, crafts, games, and had a lot of good food. I have fond memories of camping with all these same people every year as a child and it was fun to start the tradition up again.

We got waterfront property at our spot, the boys loved throwing rocks into the water

With Uncle B playing along and making awesome weapons out of rocks and sticks, the kids fought battles and built a rock wall, all the while alternating between being Nephites/Lamanites and ancient Aztecs and Egyptians. The picture is them building the rock wall.

They loved wearing their hats from Grandma and Grandpa

Thought I'd throw in proof that I'm still around- not a lot of pictures get taken of me but here is one with me wearing my sister's hat

Painting rocks

The Great-Grandparents looking on while the kids crafted

E in the hat he decorated with fabric markers

Some of the second cousins with their decorated hats

They are so cooperative with pictures

To partially clean off and really cool off we ended the whole thing with some swimming. I really tried to play with my kids but they would have nothing to do with me when Grandpa was available! He got climbed a lot, the poor guy.

Fun mushroom thing at the pool that the boys said was an alien ship trying to "abtuct" them to outer space.

And what all camping trips (should) end in! I had to scrape pine gum off their legs with my fingernails, that was fun!

Now only 4 more days until our next camping trip- this time just the 4 of us. We'll have to see if they enjoy nature so much with only each other to play with!

Monday, July 19, 2010

And the next weekend........

The weekend AFTER the 4th was just as jam-packed as the 4th. On Friday DH got off early and we went with uncle Che and Grandma bowling and to lunch. The next morning was the parade in my mom's hometown followed by lunch and bowling (again!) This time we added my dad to the mix though. That night DH and I went on a date thanks to my sister for babysitting! We had a packed weekend, then an exciting thing happened during the week- M and E had entered a 4th of July coloring contest that the local paper ran where they took entries to multiple businesses. M ended up winning the one thing he was SO hoping to win- a ukulele of his choice from a guitar store. He was so excited- we went to pick it out and then celebrated with dinner. He talks about it a lot and knows 1 chord, it's cute.

bowling Friday

A potato bug came to the parade!

lunch @ Jason's Deli

E fell asleep on the floor after this and slept forever

He got this excited no matter how many pins he hit

Stay tuned for this past weekend's camping trip!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Shorsha July

Or at least that's what M used to call it. Here are a few highlights:

On the 3rd, fireworks at the High School

On the 4th, dinner, cookie decorating, and fireworks at Grandma's, followed by a sleepover! (the boys)

And on the 5th, the Hyrum parade, BBQ at Great-Grandma's, and playing with the second cousins:

Later on the 5th: