Friday, January 28, 2011

Look who got Daddy's dimples

We can't tell if he has his sideburns yet, but time will tell :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

C me enjoy it

Okay, so if I'm going to enjoy my life it may help to enjoy it publicly- so here it is.

Episode 1 of C me enjoy it:

These are things I enjoy around my house. And lets face it- this is pretty much where I am almost ALL the time these days, so it's good I enjoy parts of it :)

I really enjoy this wall in my living room- even though it is out of date now.

I enjoy collecting cake plates- they are on top of my wall so I don't have to worry about "decorating" the wall and so they don't break- bonus! Something my children really enjoy is decorating for the seasons. I enjoy their enjoyment of it so I indulge them in it. Here is our wall of snowmen for winter.

I don't know how it happened, but somehow I started collecting pigs. This is my pig cupboard and it already has quite a few pigs in it- including but not limited to a lego pig AND a duplo pig. Can you guess who supplies me with the pigs for the pig cupboard?

I like this ledge now that DH has decorated it. It seemed bare before and gave me anxiety whenever I looked at it. I felt like society expected me to decorate it with some kind of fake ivy or something and I really didn't like that feeling. I am happy that it now houses a playmobil train and station (or Bahnhof as it says) that DH has had since childhood.

I am REALLY enjoying this cute little mushroom nightlight I got in my stocking. I keep it here on the top of our headboard. It puts off just enough light to nurse C in the night, and it can be moved anywhere because it doesn't plug in. You just plug it in the wall to recharge it every once in a while. Also, it's easy to turn on/off, you just push on the top! (I promise Target didn't pay me to endorse this product)

I probably don't have to explain why lately I'm LOVING the rocking chair DH and I got each other for Christmas. (In fact, I'm sitting in it right now)

I seriously enjoy this camera. Very much :)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Anchor for 2011

So, I think this year my "anchor" will just be to enjoy life. It's pretty simple. I have had 4 babies in the last 6 years. I am pretty wiped out and I don't want to stress- I just want to enjoy it- whatever "it" is thrown at me. Hey, I still have a bit over 6 months left of my 20's- I feel like I need to live that up somehow :)

That's pretty much the goal. So if anyone ever wants to do something enjoyable- give me a call and I'll come along! If not though- I'll be here, enjoying my laundry and my boys (not in that order)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Friday, January 7, 2011

16 days

I have kept my baby alive for 16 days now. I feel pretty good about that. I am not without my crazy sleep-deprived moments, but I'm still here!

We have discovered that we have thrush (C & I) and it explains a lot of pain I've had these past few weeks. We are trying to treat that as well as deal with C's spitting up and gas issues. He is not usually a very happy baby, but we love him a lot!

The boys are doing well with adjusting to a baby and M is a big help and holds him while I shower, which isn't something I had when E was little, so it has been nice. E is interested in him, but C cries when E holds him, so it's hard for him. He is having a bit more of a struggle- giving up his role as the baby is rough.

Christmas was good, we had a bit more of a low-key day than usual and it was kind of nice. We went to my parents' for Christmas Eve the day I came home from the hospital. We had a nice dinner and program. Christmas day they brought lunch to us and we hung out with the kids playing with their new gifts. I think E's favorite was his "monster feet" and M's his Lego Harry Potter Wii game, but they got a ton of other fun things we've been playing with & reading in the last few weeks.

C's favorite gift (of mine) is the white noise machine giraffe. I am hoping it will help him sleep better. He is wearing the shirt the hospital gave us when we checked out on Christmas Eve.

My mom took the boys shopping at the dollar store to buy presents for us and it was so cute when they got so excited to give them to us. Here is E with a flashlight for Daddy. I recieved 2 identical glass candy bowls- I guess they fought over who got to give me one.

We had a visit from Grammy & Pops & Auntie Ann for New Years Eve and had fun visiting and eating take-out. My Grandma came to visit as well and it was fun to see her without so many people around. We have been going a little stir-crazy staying in, but that's how it is every winter I suppose.

Now I'm just left pondering the questions that probably come up with a lot of mothers: how on earth do I get ANYTHING done with a newborn, and am I EVER going to fit into my clothes again?!