Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Like Everyone Else

Today DH took the day off work and we took advantage of the free ride days (like thousands of other people) on the FrontRunner, a new train that goes from Ogden to Salt Lake. It makes a stop just a mile or less from our house. We got on at 8:30 (I'm pretty sure the nice couple sitting next to us talking to M was Elder & Sis. Featherstone) and I think that was a smart move because the way home at 1:00 was way crowded.
Anyway, we did get a seat on the way there, and on the way back someone moved so me and M got to sit. It was a smooth ride and even when it costs money, I think we'll try to usually take it to Ogden or SL for our outings. Hooray for public transportation!
When we got there, we went to the Gateway and our plan was to let the kids play in the fountain (we've never done that) and so we'd packed swimsuits and towel all the way there. It was conveniently closed for maintenance today, plus it was not as nice of weather as we thought it was going to be. Oh well. (they didn't know, we have learned not to tell them about things until they are for sure) We played in the entrance to Discovery Gateway (children's museum) for a few minutes, then when that got old we went to Barnes & Noble, since it was 9:15 and nothing else but Starbucks was open. Me and M read a bunch of poetry, which he loves (April is poetry month and they had a huge display) while E ran around being ornery (a trend that has spanned the whole day so far) Then, to their surprise, we took them to Cummings and let them pick out whatever chocolate they wanted. (frog and car shapes) Over to Gymboree to get more underwear for my extremely picky son who doesn't like the "itchy kind." (ie anything under $4 a pair) Then it was off to the Planetarium!
We checked out the pendulum, moon rocks, fake Mars terrain, etc... but of course the gift shop was their favorite. (eye roll here) M was treated to some glow in the dark stars for his room that he is now obsessed with.
My biggest boy had to visit the Mac store, so me and the littles kicked it at the kids video game mac kiosk while he checked out the newest imac and whatever else. (man, that store is ALWAYS crowded!)

The food court was our last stop, where they reveled in their giant slice of pizza and hotdog on a stick. I even payed for them to ride a few of those stupid ride thingies I always say no to. Yay!

Back to the train station and home to sell our car. (the lady said she'd be here at 2:00, so we kind of rushed) She called and switched to 7:30. Hopefully it will happen. I'm not holding my breath, but hopefully it will go through. Probably as of tomorrow we will be a 1 compact car family!

So that's our big adventure! Probably a lot like hundreds of other families' these last few days. I wonder how many people will have a similar blog post :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Camry For Sale

Okay, so this is probably tacky, but I thought I'd put my advertisement on my blog as well so if anyone's cousin's brother's neighbor's dog groomer's daughter is looking for an inexpensive car you can tell them about mine!

We're asking $3500 but will take any reasonable offer. It's a:
1996 Toyota Camry
4 door, automatic
Dark green, gray inside
Miles: 145,776
A lot of things have been replaced in the last few years and so it runs really well.
It is posted with pictures on KSL.com's cars area if you want to send someone that link.

We are hoping to get a different, (non-green) Toyota that possibly has room for a few more kids so we won't be left out on carpooling opportunities, etc.. Feel free to advertise something like this to me!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Vote for your kids' Reunion shirts

Here are a few shirt designs incorporating the ideas that Aunt N. came up with. I need votes from the 3 families that this applies to. Others without kiddos can vote if you want as well. I will make the shirts for the kids all the same as each other. I just want to know if you like the more cartoonish or the more rough/artistic look.


Don't know what the background would be on the 2nd one. With the high-quality transfer paper, background is white as opposed to transparent, so if I do colored T's (which I think we should for kids) I would do some sort of border/background color to make it look nice when I trim. If this doesn't make sense, don't worry about it.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Horse Party!

Well, it's official, my "baby" is now 2 years old! Where did the time go? As I was laying next to him tonight while he dozed off, I tried to remember his birth and first few days and it seems so surreal now. He was born 2 years ago today in Bountiful at around 5 pm and was the most beautiful thing. He was 20 in. and 8 lbs. 10 oz. He looked chubby right away. This is what he looked like at a few days old:

Today was really fun. We had Grammy & Pops all the way from Boise and had a party at Grandma and Grandpas for E. He is VERY into horses right now. I tried to find a way for him to ride a horse for his birthday, or even go feed one or something, but I didn't really know any owners and we had a busy day with late church and all. So we had a really fun party with pin the star on the boot, a horse cake, and friends and family. He had a ton of fun. Thanks everyone for coming and Mom & Dad for hosting!

So, you can read about what happened when we got home from the party HERE on DH's blog. I couldn't believe it!!!

Happy Birthday dearest E.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

A real TV family

Are there any families on TV that you think seem like they could be an actual family? (I am not talking about "reality" shows) I have been watching the show Medium for a few years and mostly because I love their family! I would seriously watch just for the little 9 year old girl in the family. Last episode, she was wearing these ugly boy pajamas and she's so hilarious! It shows the husband and wife doing actual housework, having arguments, looking less than great, and their preschooler is in bed with them by the end of most nights. I also really like the actor that plays the husband. I also love that Patricia Arquette looks like she could actually be those girls' mom. I mean, she's a movie star and she's pretty, but she is a) not a twig, looks like a real person and b) old enough to have given birth to a 12-13 year old. I think a lot of times they' ll put someone who's 30 on a show and try to convince us they have 4 teenage boys or whatever.

Obviously, not a lot going on. We've been sick since we got back from Boise. I trimmed our hedge, we got our free food package booked for Disneyworld and saved $1600! (it opened today to the general public if anyone is interested in booking in Aug-Sept) We have a lot going on in the next few days so I hope E has a complete recovery (nothing like trying to get a sick birthday boy to cooperate!)