Thursday, April 26, 2012

garbage chocolate and other tales

I am liking the new format blogger has taken, it's much easier to upload pictures, but I can't figure out how to arrange them in the order I want, so this is sort of jumbled up.  This is just sort of random stuff from the last few mos.  An update on my health for those who are wondering: I DO have Erythema Nodosum.  I tested negative for all the other more nasty things they were checking for, so that's good.  I would appreciate your prayers, because although it will not do lasting harm, I am mostly unable to walk and am in a lot of pain.  I still haven't found a doctor who has treated anyone for this rare illness, but am calling around.  Fortunately, I am blessed to have so much help around me and I REALLY appreciate it!

C really likes pretending to sleep in his PJ drawer for some reason- he thinks it's hilarious!

E on Valentines day with a cool mustache sucker- he said he was a handsome man


The trail left by the leprechauns to find the first clue in the treasure hunt- so fun for the boys!

DH putting down the flooring in my new sewing room- it looks great and I can't wait until I can do stairs again so I can set it up!

DH putting together our new kitchen table- yay!

Smurfberry muffins!  Thanks to my awesome cousin Mandi, who was able to successfully grow and bottle some huckleberries!  I left them on the counter and in the night smurfs came and made them into muffins- awesome!

The new dining table- minus the chairs (those are cool too)

This is gross, but C got into a candy bar I didn't particularly like and had thrown into my bedroom garbage.  I put him in his chair to snap a quick picture before confiscating it.  I guess he liked it!

"being a bug" (don't really know what that means, but it was funny)

Decorating bunny rice crispy treats for our Easter FHE treat.

Me and C on Easter at Grandma's house

Coolest parents EVER.  They know how to throw a Star Wars parry!

C un-decorating his bunny

C LOVES the park- it's so fun for all of us to see him experience things for the first time

One of the City Creek fountains with M in it. (red shirt)

One school holiday, we finally made it to Smith & Edwards with the kids- quite the adventure!

The boys in their mama-made Easter accessories.  C would rather not pose

He just wanted his mommy

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A 6 year old E

Wow, I am a terrible blogger. I really need to do better because I like having some sort of a record other than my pictures. I have not been feeling well for most of 2012, so that sort of explains it, but not an excuse! I am waiting to hear back from the Dr. on some other tests, but most likely his diagnosis of Erythema Nodosum is what I am dealing with right now. I have good/bad days but it's sort of unpredictable and I have to just wait for it to go away.

Well, I can't skip birthdays, so I'll go ahead and post about E's 6th birthday. Maybe play catchup on some other things later.

He started off the big day with a cupcake for breakfast!

And a few presents from his brothers.....

After school he went to a special birthday lunch with his aunt Whit

Followed by a birthday party with some friends! His theme was Ninjago, which he's obsessed with right now.

They watched some Ninjago and ate popcorn,

played a bunch of fun ninja games,

got some really fun gifts from his friends,

and enjoyed some Kai cupcakes.

We got to celebrate all over again with the family the next day and he blew out another set of sparkler candles.

He was one spoiled boy and got everything he wanted- a skateboard from Grammy & Pops,

Golf clubs from Grandma & Grandpa,

A guitar from me,
A Lego Airplane form his dad, and a ton of other fun things!

C enjoyed the cupcakes :)

Love my little E and even though he is getting so grown up, he is such a sweetheart and we love his so much!