Thursday, June 24, 2010

June Happenings

I know this is a really boring blog lately- sorry.

Anyway, we have done a few fun things this month. The first 3/4 of the month were cold and rainy, so we did a lot of indoor things, museums and such and wore sweaters and jackets. Then overnight it got hot!

My parents got back late the night before Father's Day from Nauvoo, so the next day they were here for Father's Day and we got to hear about their trip and celebrate with food and gifts. They even came with us to church. It was a fun day.

Ready for church- DH wearing his new birthday tie (With the family tartan on it)

We took the kids mini-golfing. Since it's been two years since the last episode, they did
a lot better and we actually enjoyed most of it!

Yesterday we went to the Bountiful rec. center to swim with Grandma and Aunt Whit. It was a fun time and an exhausting day ending in M's last t-ball game of the season. The other team only had one player show up, so they played a sort-of game where E got to hit a ball and run the bases. He loved it after watching the other boys for so long!

I'll have to get some pictures next week, I keep forgetting. The kids are doing their swimming lessons for the summer this week and next and having a really great time. I was worried E would act the same way he does in sunbeams (not good- doesn't want to go) but he is really great with it, fearless as ever.

We look forward to the 4th of July weekend (it will be BUSY!) and the camping trips we have planned for July as well. The summer is going quickly already, and M starts school Aug. 16th so we have to take advantage while we can!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


DH's birthday was Monday and it was a really nice day (for a change) We had the usual cake/ice cream breakfast followed by presents. Last year was a Lego- this year 3 Lego minifigures.

I did a glaze sort of frosting and poured it, but it was hard to cover the devil's food he chose.

The boys had spent a long time making "scenes" for him in lieu of cards and were really excited to give those to him.
Not as excited as E was to give him this Lego set, though.

His parents gave him the Lego version of rock band, so after breakfast the boys all had a jam session.
He put together one of his new Lego sets on the awesome Lego table he had just finished building the day before.

One of his gifts from me was a ukulele, which he got to go choose at a music store in SL, so we did that before lunch. He's really happy with the one he chose and is already on his way to mastering "Tiny Bubbles."
While in SL, we had a great lunch at the "meat sword restaurant"- which is what the boys called the Brazillian place we ate at. They were pretty impressed with the presentation there.

After a bit of browsing at the Gateway, we went home for naps and then a t-ball game followed by dinner at (DH's choice) BK! (I know) with my brother and sister and more cake at home. It was a good day and I hope he enjoyed it. Happy Birthday old man!

(If you want to know how old he is, you'll have to count the candles on the cakes)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Smurfberry Muffins

When I was little my dad used to make "smurfberry muffins." I don't really remember exactly, but he even had a story each time about how smurfs (the only cartoon I remember liking as a child) had come while we were asleep and made them for us. Anyway, they were REALLY good.

Also, my grandma used to make a pie that I loved a LOT.

Both of these things were made with the same berry- Huckleberries. They were home grown and bottled then made into yummy things.

So fast-forward about 10-15 years and I get a major craving for something huckleberry. I look everywhere but find you cannot buy them at all. I was living in Logan at the time and they were obsolete. We went to Boise to visit and found some wild huckleberries for sale at Reggie's Veggies- a corner stand place many of you will be familiar with. Anyway, they were a whopping $12/lb. but DH being who he is insists we get a pound. (He was probably tired of me whining about how I was craving them) I made a few pies and it was gone. Haven't had any since.

I asked around and was told they pretty much only grow in Montana nowadays and you can go there and buy jam and sundry Huckleberry things. Not so practical to drive to Montana every time I get a hankering.

So now, we're to about a month ago in this story. I find that a local nursery (J&J) sells Huckleberry bushes. This is different than what my mom remembered planting, but I decide to go for it and she got me the soil acidifier they recommended. (and I paid for a 1 yr. warranty) It is now in my backyard and has been "acidified" twice and looks at least like it's not dying (yet).

I get home and research about Huckleberries (why I had not done this prior is a mystery) I find that the bush I bought is in the same family as blueberries. I do not like blueberries much so I hope I like these. I find out that the Huckleberries my mom and grandma planted back in the day are a different kind, in the nightshade family (same as tomatoes) They can be ordered in seed form on the internet from far away, not as convenient as the pony packs they were able to purchase back in the 80's.

So I ordered some. They have to be started indoors 4 weeks before the last frost, so for now they are in a cool dark place awaiting next year's planting.

I am hoping that someday I will be able to make some magical smurfberry muffins for my little ragamuffins.