Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Reminder: they are friends (most of the time) and other ramblings

It makes me feel better to see these pictures when they are fighting and sitting on each others' heads.

Not a ton to blog about- I am busy preparing for M's 6th birthday and getting caught up on some crafts. I finally made a tree skirt out of fabric I've had sitting there forever waiting to be made into one. I made a halloween picture board thingy to put a picture of each halloween on, that I think turned out cute. I have been enjoying errands by myself while the boys are at school, and have gotten a bit of rest- though not much. Both DH and I woke up at 4am today and couldn't sleep because we had songs from Sunday's primary program stuck in our heads. AHhhhh! I canned salsa with my mom and DH on Saturday, and we've canned pears and are thinking about doing a bit more canning, but maybe not. I did NONE last year because I couldn't bear the thought of doing it in my last month, but this year I still have another trimester to go so not so much of an excuse.

The pregnancy is going well (on paper) but has been really hard on me. I guess since it's my fourth, it would probably be the hardest no matter my circumstances. I really don't want/need the epidural when I'm in labor, but could I get one periodically right NOW?! Seriously, contractions are not nearly so annoying as carpul tunnel, sciatica, killer migraines, and other joys I get to experience before labor even begins. But really, I am grateful that all my tests and ultrasounds have shown us a healthy baby. Of course, they did last time too, so I'm not exactly entirely trustful.

We have pretty much decided on a name, so I have started to make his Christmas stocking. And I'm to the quilting part of his quilt, so progress is being made despite my desire to hold off and pretend I'm not pregnant. I am forcing myself to do these things and it's probably good. At least he won't feel like a neglected 4th child as much as if I did nothing. We have a lot prepared from Nolan, but I took most of his stuff back, so we're starting over with some stuff. We never had a "theme" for Nolan's things like we did for M (monkeys) and E (elephants). I just never felt anything and really felt different about preparing for him. With this one, he's "C" so his theme is cars and we've bought a few outfits with cars and I've made a car quilt and some burp cloths and shoes with cars. It is kind of fun and WAY more "boyish" than my usually almost-gender-neutral themes and designs. I guess at this point, embrace the testosterone, right?
I'll try to remember to get some pictures of these things sometime if anyone wants to see.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Labor Day Weekend 2010

We are still recovering from this crazy past weekend (at least I am) We had a very funny Saturday going fishing and then to a real rendezvous (that was a bit reminiscent of the renaissance faire we went to several mos. ago) The kids caught 6 fish and we ate them on Sunday night for dinner. They had fun making medicine bags with "twodog" and "snakes" (painted sticks) at the rendezvous and trying to catch candy shot out of a real cannon by a man named "crazy." It was definitely different from your usual movie or whatever most people do! On Monday we attended a pirate party at the museum- (well, some people went to a movie) It was a really fun party and the kids really enjoyed themselves. It was a full weekend and lots of fun!


M caught all 3 of his fish by himself- he did really well!

At the Rendezvous

This picture was taken in a tent labeled "for sail." It is not clear whether the person who wrote it was trying to be authentic or really couldn't spell "sale.""

The Pirate Party

Making our pirate hats

Painted faces

I think they stabbed each other in the heart several times each

The pirate crew

E got chosen to come up on stage at the "pirate training" show and make his meanest face

Thursday, September 9, 2010

First day of preschool

Little E started preschool on Tuesday. He's had a great week and is excited to go back. He didn't want to go and was really nervous so I'm glad he likes it. It sure is a lot of money to pay if they don't like it! I would love to keep him at home and teach him but he didn't really ever enjoy it like M did, so I thought I'd try him with someone else and I think it's a good thing for him. He goes 3 days a week at the same time M has kindergarten so it works out for them to play together and for me to have some alone time to run errands. Weird for me! (well, it won't last too much longer- just another 3 1/2 mos. and I'll have a new little companion.)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Boise Reunion

I guess I am just catching up for a while. I want to post about this weekend, but first I'll jot down a bit about our family reunion.

Every 2 years we get together somewhere- this year was DH's hometown of Boise, ID. We stayed with his parents and the kids got to see their cousins, which is a rare event and something they really look forward to.

We swam in the neighborhood pool 3 times, rafted the Boise River, picnicked, played games, had a carnival, and decorated cardboard cars for our "drive-in movie." It was a good time and we appreciate all the hard work and effort that went into it!

M with his face painted at the carnival

One of the favorite carnival events for E: archery

E having his palm read at the carnival- we found out later that he interpreted the prediction that he would someday "leave his family" (when he was grown up) to mean that he was soon going to be sent to live with another family. He worried about it for days before telling my mom what he was so anxious about.

Fish ponding

M showed off his mad uke skills to everyone who would listen

Having a picnic at the park after our day of rafting
Creating their cars for the drive-in movie

At the drive-in enjoying the movie "cars"

E splashing it up in Grammy & Pops' pool

Having gourmet s'mores cooked over the grill

Friday, September 3, 2010

August Fun

Here are some random pictures of stuff we did in August. Not pictured: we celebrated our 9th anniversary and played with Legos for HOURS on end. Also, we had our family reunion in Boise- I will post pictures of that separately soon.

Every time we go to Ogden the boys want to ride the horses they have all over town

E's microphone stand he made for his performances
The annual tradition at the county fair- this time M wanted nothing to do with the animals

Petting Wilbur

E and I stood in line for a balloon FOREVER! It's all he wanted to

The reason M came- the SCIENCE TENT!!!

Grandma's birthday dinner at the Sp. Factory

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Is this chair too big? Helping Aunty Ann shop at Ikea

At Aunty Ann's new apartment getting things arranged

What happens at the father-sons campout stays.....