Friday, January 30, 2009

Crazy fast!

After only 2 days on the market (and one with the pictures up on the MLS) we got an offer! We are still waiting on another offer and for a few more people to come see it before we decide what to do. I can't help but think we under priced it, but at least it's not sitting for months or years like so many others. We are going to have to get looking at houses if we're to have anything to move into. It's been a crazy week and a half. Two weeks ago, we didn't even having moving on our radar, and now it's imminent! I have a crazy day ahead of me today, so wish me luck!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's Official!

There is now a sign up in my yard. It makes me kind of sad. I was looking through pictures last night to find a picture of the outside of my house, and there are so many memories here and we have worked SO hard to get the yard and house looking so nice, and now it will belong to someone else!

Anyway, I really do want to sell it, so pass this link along of the pictures to someone you know who wants to practically be given a house. (we're asking 139,900)

Front- does not show garage-but there is one.
Back deck- it's great- it has lights and ceiling fans!
Living room- large, new carpet, two nice big windows
Far side of living room- leads to kitchen or to bed 1 & bed 2 & bath 1
Here is bath 1- we call it "the airplane bathroom"- can't see well but has nice new flooring
Bedroom 1- it is currently a playroom since the boys like to share a room- looks out onto the back deck. Original hardwood floors.
Bedroom 2- this is a really large room, but it turns a corner so it's hard to get a shot of- 2 walls are white and two are red. Original hardwood floors.
Here is our kitchen! We have updated appliances, new flooring, installed a disposal- it's nice.
Large dining room with french doors into back patio- hard to picture the whole thing- comes down from kitchen on the right side.
Master bath- large jetted tub- nice relaxing place.
Master bedroom suite. Can see attached den w/gas fireplace.
Anyone recognize the water buffalo on the mantel?
Yet another view of the master suite. It's really huge and nice.

So that's the tour of our home- a first for many that have never visited us here- and now probably never will. Hope you enjoyed it. Now get out there and sell my house!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Home for Sale!

Know anyone wanting to stop renting and get into a home while those mortgage rates are so low?

Tell them about our house, PLEASE!

We are sad to say goodbye to our cute house (but ready to move on) We have done all the work of fixing it up and it's (almost) ready for someone new to move in!

3 bdrm.- HUGE master w/fireplace
2 bath- Master w/jetted tub
Updated appliances
nice yard- fully fenced
covered deck/patio
New flooring & carpeting
1549 sq. ft.

And best of all, WONDERFUL neighborhood that would be hard to get into at this price.

Pass along the word- we'll be showing it soon and I'll post the listing when it's up!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Thespian in Every Family

I'm so glad there is such a thing as musical theatre. Apparently, so is son #1.

Enter Exhibit B of the Christmas Presents: (Ex. A being the sewing machine- remember?)

Doorway Puppet Theatre (stop telling me this is spelled wrong, google, I like it with a re, it's so much more theatrical)

We (DH and I) were delighted with tonight's performance of "The Frightened Bears" as I'm sure you all will be momentarily. Starring as the singer, composer, producer, and orange alien puppet is M, and if you will notice, pink alien puppet in the background, also providing vocal backup mumblings, is E. So, without further adieu, "The Frightened Bears:"

Side note: Can I brag (or as DH terms it when it's posted here "brog") for a minute that I think it's so cool that my 4 year old knows that when something is frightening you should sing it in a minor key? Yeah, that's cool.