Thursday, March 24, 2011

C is 3! (mos.)

The little C is 3 months now, looking more like a baby and not a newborn- HA ha! He never looked like a newborn. Anyway, he has quite the skills:

Drooling like crazy all the time

Grabbing for toys

Celebrating 3 mos. with mini cupcakes with mini cadbury eggs inside them

Sucking on a binki

Burying his face in our armpits when he is tired and it's too bright

Standing in Daddy's hands

Loving his big brothers- there is nobody better or funnier in his opinion

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I know, he's only 2 1/2 months old, but he REALLY needed a haircut! His hair was weirdly long in the very front middle, and had fallen out on the sides. Plus, I liked his little fauxhawk but it was no longer possible. He wasn't really a fan, but it was quick.

The "Before"

The "during"

The fuss

The "After"

Just a few fun facts about hair:

M was just over 3 mos. when we choppped his mullet off. He had hair about like C's. He now has very straight blond hair, not particularly thick. I still mostly cut his myself, although I took him in today though because we have family pictures next week and I wanted him to look extra nice.

E was born with such thick hair, and it was lighter and more "gold" in color. It never fell out or got mullet-y or weird in the front, just always awesome. He was about 5 mos. and needed an all-over trim when we first dared cut it. He never really held still and it looked bad, I should have paid to have it done. (I do now!) He has SUCH good hair.

Nolan had the least hair of all the boys, but it was still quite thick in the back. I think all the things they taped to him pulled a lot out in the front. It was bright red like mine. Here is a shot of the top of his head.

DH is going in tonight to get his hair chopped. The blow-drying is really getting on his nerves and he has SUCH thick hair. Like, enough for 3 men's heads. I like it long, but I also like it really short. Here he is recently:

As for me, I have an appt. tomorrow for a haircut and have NO CLUE what to do. It is so "frumpy ponytail" lately. Or else "coated in spit-up" I guess that doesn't need quotes, it really is coated in spit-up. I think I need to go short yet again.

Any suggestions? I'm thinking Emma Pillsbury-ish? Those who know me know that I am a nervous wreck/already losing sleep over the picture next week and any support would be appreciated!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

New Lens

DH gets gift cards from work for "healthy living" and this time he got us a new camera lens with it. We have really been enjoying it!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Catching up on February

Frustration................... last winter I had TONS of time on my hands to blog, but didn't feel like it at all. This time, I would like to write about stuff that's going on, but can't seem to find the time. I am grateful and frustrated at the same time.

February had a bunch of holidays that we celebrated.

The 2nd was the 10 year anniversary of our first date as well as Groundhog's day. We celebrated by starting off the day opening the groundhog's gifts and had a fondue dinner.

The 6th we blessed Charlie. It was so fun to have visitors and get to see people we don't very often.

Valentines was fun. We had a fondue dinner with some friends the Saturday before and then "our meal" (for the 10th time!) on Valentines Day and exchanged gifts. We had pink chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, and the kids got an overload of candy. DH and I both gave each other new rings. I am not quite able to wear my wedding ring yet, so the pearl ring is nice to have so I can look married (when I remember to put in on!) His ring is just a nicer replacement of what I was able to afford back in the day.

President's Day was a fun one too! I took the boys sledding with some friends and in the evening we did dinner & a movie with my family. The boys & grandma saw Megamind (thanks Mom!) and the rest of us went to Harry Potter. I have NEVER seen the Kaysville Theater so crowded in my life. C even did really well with sitting through a movie.

We also got to celebrate with my Grandma as she turned 80- it was a fun day and good to see everyone!

Now we're on to a lot of work. I have done a ton of sewing lately and stuff for my etsy shop. We organized/cleaned/did yard work/worked on framing the basement all day today. I'm pooped but there are still 3 kids to take care of. Gotta keep going......

Here are a few pics of the celebrations:

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


My kids are obsessed with ROY-G-BIV, both the concept and the song by They Might Be Giants. We did some tie-dying over the weekend and they sing it non-stop now.

In other news- I think we may have an early teether. He wants to bite everything- he chews his hands and even a few toys already. He also drools a lot. M got his bottom 2 at 3 mos. so I am wondering if we have that going on.