Thursday, July 26, 2012

June 2012

And here are some things from June....

Tie-dye project with DH one day

 The boys being "cool dudes"

DH Turns 33 and gets some golf clubs!

Father's Day.  He got a bar speaker for our TV.

 C turns 18 mos. and we decide to do a little celebration since his birthday is so close to Christmas.  He got his first Duplo set.  It has Toy Story characters and he loves it!

With 18 mos. comes Nursery.  He was happy to hold up the picture he "colored," but is not so happy to leave his mom to actually stay there.

 For one of our "Disney Parties" we went to my sister Whitney's and watched Little Mermaid, ate fish, and swam in her pool.  It was so much fun!

 M learns to sew and has made a pair of pants for himself and each brother.

 M& E with the friends in their foursome for Wednesday Juniors Golf Association.  They get to play 6-7 holes every week with these guys and have such a great time!

 Heading off over the hill
Boys and Dad practicing at the driving range

 Playing at the Treehouse with the whole family

 E in his "element" at the ward camp-out- oddly this is the only picture we took there

 Checking out the play area of the new mall "City Creek" in SLC.  C was a big fan but there were some nasty mean toddlers in there!

 The boys at a local Lego event held at our Barnes & Noble

May 2012

I have been out of blog mode.  I wish I could remember to blog more!  I think I'll get caught up on a bit of the highlights of the summer, then try to do better.  Here is a quick rundown of the month of May:

 Mothers Day (notice E crying, he always gives me that treat on Mother's Day)

 Last Soccer Game- trophy is the best part for him!

Decorating Nolan's grave for Memorial Day

They were the Blue Jays and played Coach-Pitched.  They improved a lot and look forward to doing it again next year.

We made some improvements to our backyard by adding a slide on our back stairs and filling up a hand-me-down turtle sandbox.

 The boys did a week-long golf clinic a a local course with some friends.  The last day they got some prizes and dinner.

 Close to the last day of school they had field day.  I helped with M's first grade class, it was a lot of fun seeing him with his friends!

 Over Memorial Weekend, we visited Boise and did a lot of fun things with Grammy, Pops, and the Boise cousins.  We rode rides at the mall, checked out the animals at Cabela's, ate pizza at Flying Pie, hung out with cousins, swam in the neighborhood pool, had a BBQ, helped in the yard, and went to church with Grammy & Pops.

 We had a fun day visiting the Treehouse Museum.  E had never been brave enough to do a "participlay" before this day!