Monday, November 14, 2011

A Harry Potter Birthday

M turned 7 the end of September and he had a really great birthday. He wanted a Harry Potter party, so we tried our best and he had fun making and putting together a lot of things for the party with me. On his real birthday we had cupcakes for breakfast and he opened some of his gifts. He was super excited about a typewriter from his cousins and golf clubs from DH. At school that day, E, C, and myself came and ate lunch with him at school which he loved! After school he got to go to Boondocks with E and do a lot of fun things. He chose baked potatoes for dinner, one of his favorite meals.

The next day he was out of school and his Aunt Whitney came and picked him up and took him to lunch at Red Robin and to the bookstore where he picked out a Lego Harry Potter sticker book. He had a great time with her!

We all headed down to start the "party" after lunch. We met Grammy & Pops, Grandma & Grandpa, and Aunt Whitney at Gardner Village to look at the witches and get some candy. It was a great time and the atmosphere was very "potterish."

The party was that night at the house and we were joined by Aunty Ann and Uncle Chase in addition to all those that came to see the witches. We had a Hogwarts feast and slayed a dragon cake. Unlike the real Harry, M was spoiled with lots of fun gifts. He especially liked the Harry Potter scarf and Lego sets!

Still can't believe he's 7. He's growing up to be a great kid. He is an awesome big brother and great student and such a fun kid to be around!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

A fun Halloween

It was a pretty good Halloween. C was sick and didn't get quite all the attention he needed from me that day, but I had a lot of help from my mom so he wasn't neglected by any means. The day started with a field trip with the Kindergarten to a nearby farm that had a ton of fun activities for the kids. I had fun hanging out with E and 4 other kids (it was also a lot of work- I won't lie) After that we raced to get C from my mom, grab lunch, do some last-minute grocery shopping, and get back to jump into costumes while DH pulled M out of school early for his office's annual trick-or-treat party (yes, it was during school hours?!) After the party, we got dinner on and had a fun meal with my mom and brother and sister. DH went trick-or-treating for his first time with the kids and I took them out again for another street. It was a fun night.

We had 2 Harry Potters this year (couldn't convince E to be Ron)

and Charlie Brown, who else?

DH was "Roger Workman" from the TV show LOST (Benjamin Linus' dad)

I let C chew on a dum-dum sucker. He seemed to enjoy both ends equally.

One thing the kids had been dying to try was bobbing for apples. It is always talking about it in Halloween story books and they had never had a chance. So after dinner, we stripped off shirts and bobbed. They also really wanted Grandma to do it with them. She was a VERY good sport and proved to be good at getting that apple too ;)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A "boy head"

So, I kind of feel a little deja vu-ish right now because of C getting a haircut. Back in May 2007, I wrote THIS about E looking like someone else. Now I feel the same way about C. I'm sure it was the same for M, but my memory doesn't go back that far. (or at least my blog doesn't!)

So, the title, "boy head" probably needs an explanation (for some people anyway) When E got his hair cut short, M said "now he has a boy head!" This is not as opposed to a girl head, but a baby head. M was only 2 so it was pretty funny and we always call a short haircut a "boy head."

Anyway, here is the before shot. He is looking like a little stinker about to do something mischievous.

The during: (this is a friend cutting it at our house)

And some afters:

LOVE this little jacket that both M and E, and now C have all worn as little guys!