Thursday, June 26, 2008

12 Questions

12 Questions
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And made one, so of course I HAD to do it too, because she's the coolest! This is my answers to 12 questions typed into flickr and they made a mosaic!

Pretty cool, huh?

For the questions/instructions to be cool, too, visit And's blog.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cannon Beach

We're home and recovering. We've managed to trap 5 of our mice friends so far that moved in while we were gone and I think I've pretty much killed the ants too. Funny what happens when you go away! We had a great time with the DH's very large family in Oregon. Here are some highlights of our trip:

We celebrated Pops' 70th birthday

Visiting tide pools at Haystack Rock

Trying to get group shots with the matching shirts I made

The beach
Smores and firesDoing a craft with the kids
Flying our kiteEating "clown hair" as my kids called it

Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Birthday/Fathers Day

I hate that it's always a /, but that's just what happens when you have a Flag Day birthday. So we tried to give Daddy the royal treatment all weekend long. Some of us were sick, so it was not as easy as we'd hoped, so thanks for making your own Father's Day meal, honey! (it was good)

Friday, Ann treated to dinner at the Asian Star in SL to start out the festivies. Thank you to all of the many babysitters who made this meal kid-free!

Saturday, he woke up to this:

We had the customary cake and ice cream breakfast, followed by gifts. In his card, it announced that we would be spending the day at Lagoon! He really likes Lagoon, so this was a treat for him. We were joined by my siblings, and at dinner by my parents. My dad got us all the tickets and the dinner (it was his company Lagoon Day) thanks Dad! The power went out there for a few hours, so we get to come back again for free, so that's kind of a bonus. There are a few pics, unfortunately, DH did most of the picture taking, so not many of him.

He got a lot of great Legos, clothes, tools, a cool toothbrush, CD's, games, and movies.

Yesterday he got what he wanted for Breakfast: cold cereal (what is with you Robertsons?) And yet more gifts. I gave him a 2 burner Coleman Stove. He got to go to Sacrament Meeting all by himself with no kids to try to keep quiet! Then we hosted the Father's Day meal for my dad/family. We watched Night at the Museum together, which is what M gave him for Father's Day.

If you read this, Happy Fathers Day dad! We look forward to doing those repairs you asked for and promise it won't take all summer. :)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Yes, we use cloth diapers

I found this article that I thought was a really good at explaining some of the reasons/myths about cloth diapers and thought I'd share. Yes, we use cloth and have since M came home from the hospital. I love them and would use them no matter what, even if I was rich. (I would just get nicer ones.) Here are some of the reasons why:

They don't leak out the back like disposables, which saves you tons of ruined clothes.
Even if you get expensive ones, you still save money in the long run.
You can often use them for more than one child.
They are (can be) really cute.
They are better for your baby. Legitimate studies have linked rising infertility with disposable diapers.
They are soft (would you like to wear paper underwear?)
They don't ruin the water supply and take thousands of years to decompose.
They help many stay-at-home moms to earn money for their family.
They can be passed on or sold- can't say that about a disposable.
They aren't that big of deal to wash- REALLY.

Here are some brands I've used, in case you want to do any research. Also, a good "diaper review site" is the Diaper Pin

Flat: (just a square)
Chinese Prefolds- Easy to find and durable, cheap, like a dollar
Indian Prefolds- A little softer, but shorter for some reason, still cheap

Fitteds: (needs a cover, but has a fastener, so you don't use pins)
Made my own
Cuddlebuns- they fit for over a year in one size
Kissaluvs- can sell them for same as you bought them most times.
Other brands I don't remember because I bought used.

Covers: (to go over fitteds or over just plain $1 prefolds- my favorite)
Bummis Super Whisper wraps- awesome and cheap
Prowraps- can get seconds for like $3- worked pretty well
Stacinator Fleece- I sold it because it was so bulky
Aristocrats Wool Soaker- awesome for nighttime- can't fit under clothes
Imsi Vimsi Wool Wrap- my favorite- still have it even though it's too small for E
WAHM made wool side-snap wrap- Very trim and cute, she hand dyed it- kept that too.

Pocket Diapers (this is a cover that you stuff a prefold inside or has a special "insert")
Wonderoos One-size pocket diapers- These fit from 8-35 lbs. and so can fit 2 kids at once. Used these literally till their death- but they don't make them anymore- I've heard good things about their new version "Haute Pockets")
Superstars One-size- DONT buy these. The elastic went bad after only about 3 mos. I sent them in for repair and never got them back.
Fuzzi Bunz- I would wholeheartedly recommend these if it weren't for the fact that they use fleece inside instead of microsuede, which doesn't stain) The mediums fit for so long they're worth the money- wouldn't say that about smalls unless your kid is tiny.
Happy Heineys- These wick near the leg and are too narrow for my kids, but some love them and they fit well under clothes.
Swaddlebees-These are nice, but again, too narrow a crotch for my kids- have actually had poop fall out the leg hole because they're so trim.
Very Baby pattern to make my own- these are custom made by me so they're the best I've used. I made them for about $4 each and they've looked brand new for 1 1/2 years now.
Random side-snapping brand I don't remember- I like side snapping for older kids who want more of a "pull up"- but it's harder to get on younger kids.

Inserts for Pockets- (this is the absorbent layer that goes into a "pocket" in the diaper)
#1 choice- Chinese or Indian Prefolds- they wash up well, can be used for a zillion other things, are cheap, and don't get a funky stink.
Wonderfulls one-size inserts- these are okay but can (like any microfiber material) get a funky odor after a while and I hate that.
Babykicks hemparoos- I would love these if I lived somewhere with softer water- I used these all the time for overnight, but they absorb so much they are hard to get clean here and end up stinking like dead animal or something even if they're just a little peed. (don't rule out hemp altogether- I've heard awesome things about hemp fleece and Little Beetles diapers in particular)

Berryplush Minkie AIO- This was a b-day present for M's 1st birthday. I loved it but sold it one time when I really needed money. It has a hemp snap-in soaker, so could be used like a cover as well. Kinda spendy.
Magicalls- totally non-absorbant, leaked all over,

Bummis diaper pail liner- awesome- you put this in your pail, then on wash day you dump this and the diapers all in the wash- you don't have to touch a dirty diaper!
Snappis- These hook diapers on instead of pins- I really like them and recommend to save money by using prefolds.
Little disks that you put in your diaper pail to minimize oder- found I didn't need these or use them as much as I thought- it's really the chemicals in disposables that make dirty diapers smell so bad.

Swim Diapers-
Gerber- not so comfortable, but okay, don't think they make them anymore
Target ones- like 5.99, really durable and cute colors
I'm sure there are better ones, but I haven't looked further than the target ones.

Training pants-
Bummis waterproof trainers- It's okay, but bulky under clothes
Brand they sell at JC Penney's- really like these- they're like Gerber thick undies, but nicer

Ones I covet, but can't afford-
Bamboo fitteds- SO trim and 4X more absorbent than cotton. I like the look/price of Motherease Sandys, since they side-snap and can be pulled on like undies.

So I just thought I'd share if anyone was looking into it. Sorry it was so long but there's a lot out there. Make the switch- even if your kid is 2. It will save a lot even at this point and is kind of fun to do!I made this one and it's a size large- fit E and he was only about 8 mos.
Swim diapers- they really hold in better than those expensive paper ones!
A snappi'd prefold on E at about 1 1/2 years old.
Cuddlebuns fitted- fits from about 1 month-1 1/2 years or more
Superstars pocket diapers, one size
Magicalls All-in-one, this was thin and didn't hold much pee.
Wool wrap, probably over a prefold.
This is one of mine- made from the Very Baby Basic AIO pattern and adapted for pockets- I made them load from the front instead of the back.
E at only 3 mos. wearing a Medium Fuzzi Bunz
M in a Swaddlebees, E in a wonderoo.
M in a Tie Tyed Prefold, toddler size, fastened with a snappi.
If they leaked, would I be holding M up to me in a white dress like this? Med. Fuzzi Bunz
Jamtots size 2 AIO in Blue Minkee.
I reverse-engineered some Fuzzi Bunz- this is a "small" on E at a month
E in a pinned prefold (trying to kick it old school for some pictures, I hate pins!)
M at a few weeks in a One-size Wonderoo.
M at 3 mos. in a Med. Fuzzi Bunz print.
Med. Happy Heineys solids- 3 mos.
M at 5 days old in a Bummis Super Whisper Wrap print with a folded prefold under. (his hair was so dark!)

This is my aristocrats wool soaker that I kool-aid dyed orange and appliqu├ęd a wool flower on to sell for much more than I bought it new! (this is why it would be fun to cloth diaper a girl)

P.S.- I described my wash routine in the comments- I'm adding this: until they are on solids, you can just throw the whole poopy thing in and it will rinse away. After they are like 7 or 8 mos. or whatever, you shake it off into toilet then put in pail until wash day. I don't put any liquid in my pail, it's not recommended and is a drowning hazard.

P.P.S- A good place to get used diapers is Diaper Swappers, or Ebay.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Local Fun

For FHE we went and played a round of mini-golf. We learned two things: I still don't enjoy mini-golf even after all these years, and our kids are too young to take mini-golfing. Results: We were a little more stressed out than we'd like to be when we're paying money to enjoy ourselves, but I got some cute pictures.
Friday we were supposed to swim at my sister's apartment pool, but since it's still March out there, we found an alternative: Kangaroo Zoo. We were: a) having a ton of fun 2) lovin' the slush puppies and tres) not lovin' the kangaroo character. (Yeah, Disney is going to be fun)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Congratulations Riley!

A shout out to my baby brother who graduated HS this past week! His speech at graduation was awesome and he did a great job conducting the whole affair as well. I just have to reminisce a little by remembering that I was his "second mom" growing up and have watched him grow up all along the way into an awesome young man. He has come very far in his life, which had a rough start. He will be going on a mission this fall, followed by USU (the true school) where he has a scholarship. He beat us all and got a whole year of 4.0's, all while serving as Class Pres, numerous business leadership positions, debate, seminary, etc.. I'm sure he'll have much more money than us all someday and can take us to Hawaii and such ;) We are REALLY proud of you bro!