Friday, October 30, 2009

A Note about Nolan

I hate having to write this, but for anyone who may read this blog and didn't know, we had Nolan Ray early in the morning on October 9th and had to say goodbye to him later that night due to complications from a Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia. His liver and some other organs were in his chest cavity preventing his lungs from developing and putting pressure on his heart as it formed. Not a lot of babies survive this- especially his type (right side, liver up) Additionally, he was undiagnosed before his birth- it wasn't caught on our ultrasound for some reason. It has been 3 weeks today and we are stumbling through the grieving process as best we can. We appreciate all the generous friends and family who have helped us so far- and continue to love and support us as we go through the loss of our sweet little boy.

He was a big handsome boy (10 lbs. 2 oz. 22") with beautiful red hair and looked a lot like his big brothers.

Halloween Festivities

We have been getting out a bit and doing some Halloween activities lately. Here are some of them.
First off, you cannot buy an egg costume, much less a "chick coming out of an egg." I tried. So I had the pleasure of making M's costume this year. It wasn't too bad. He is reminding me of his cousin who was a blueberry last year and is a raindrop this year. Those creative souls.

I suppose the main reason he invented that was because E is a chicken this year. (didn't sew that)M out in front of our "ghost tree"

A ward party- M playing fish pond.

Talking to "tumbleweed" at Pack Farms.

At the pumpkin patch with some friends

E Chillin' in the wagon
Driving the tractor- watch out!

M & E's devil pumpkinsMe and DH's pumpkins- "Happy" and "Sad" We made one for Nolan but it didn't show up in the picture- it has a binkie in it's mouth.