Wednesday, November 19, 2008

See you in 2 years!

On Saturday my brother turned 19.....
Today we made the long drive down to Provo......
had a Last Supper at PF Changs.......
and dropped him off at the MTC.
Good luck Elder Thompson!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

M's turn for the ER

So in the last year, 3 of the 4 of us have gotten cut bad enough to need medical attention, and every time it was after hours. WHY is this always the case? Expensive enough as it is for E's staples to the head and my stitches in my thumb, this time, I learned something new, and that is: Cuts to the face have to go the the ER. The reason: Certain after-hours clinics don't have good enough lighting to do it without major scarring.

This is my solution to the problem: Take 10% of the money that these poor families (meaning ourselves and others with young boys) have to pay to go to the ER to get it done and you'll have your lighting paid for in 3 days or less.

Also, it doesn't help to get rid of your coffee tables with corners on them as we did. Go ahead and keep them. This beauty was from a train table with rounded corners. Split the eyebrow right open, gaping and scary looking. He'll still have a scar, but I think he'll have dark (read: that actually show up) eyebrows so that's an okay place.

Also, why can't a hospital tell you even a ballpark of how much something will cost? I mean, round up to the nearest $100 so we know what we're looking at at least. (darn high deductibles.....) Fix this, Kyle, would you?

Okay, I forgot to explain this, so I'm adding it now: He was SO brave for the Dr. (not even a whimper) so they gave him a purple popsicle, that's what's on his mouth. He was thrilled that it matched the glue color. This is the next morning after 2 face washings, too. Don't want to know how much dye that was.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Friday, November 7, 2008

that giant sycamore is at it again....

We've started "the raking." I wish the tree could just drop all at once and be done, but it carefully measures out it's leaf dropping to span 6 weeks or more. I've bagged 6 bags so far, and we usually get at least 30 before we're done. Can't beat the fun it provides, though!

In other news, we've spent (especially DH) a LOT of time outside working. We had a 106' x 6' area of weeds that is now lava rock, Merry Christmas to me and DH! I'll have to take a picture sometime. After these 2 years and some odd months, our yard is actually starting to look like someone cares.

Also, for those of you who don't see E on a regular basis, I just had to post this picture of him looking so LONG and skinny! He has really thinned out (esp. without diapers) and has gotten a bit taller. He's getting so OLD looking!

Just had to re-assure that although long, he's still very messy. That probably will never change. This is him at Fondue FHE.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


I am VERY consistent with my voting. I have voted every single year since I was 18, and aside from local elections (city council or school board only) every year, I have had ONE of my candidates win. This one is no exception. Got my one candidate, wish it had been 2 or more, but I'm excited about the one that won!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Deep Doctrine

DH posted a few, but I thought I'd put some more, here are some pics of Halloween:

We went to the library Halloween Celebration, where we enjoyed songs, crafts, and lots of stories. Afterward, they all did a "parade" around the library.

We held a playgroup Halloween party at the church.

Then we went to DH's office for trick-or-treating

And of course I don't have pics of that night, but we made it around the block and a little more. The kids were excited to visit their primary teachers' houses and got prizes there as well as candy. Here were our lit up Jacks.

So, off the subject, but M and I went to church together yesterday since E is sick and he said some funny things in Sacrament Meeting.

"Mom, does the bishop live here? I didn't see any bed in his office."

"Mom, they said blood in that prayer, is that because of Halloween?"

"Mom, why do only big boys bring those trays, are the big girls too tired?"

"Mom, why do grown up ladies not have the priesthood? (We have other jobs, one is to be in charge of primary like I help to do. Another is to be a mother) "So what would happen to your body if you had the priesthood, could it not have babies?"

Anyway, it's just funny what he comes up with. To try to keep him quiet, we moved on to learning to write his middle name, which is Oscar. After he had copied Oscar, he asked me to write down "the grouch" for him to copy.