Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Some Things I've Made

I really have a lot of other things I could be doing, but I thought I'd spend some time gathering some things I've made this past year. I often forget to take pictures, so there are a lot of things I've made, sold, and shipped that never made it on camera. However, there are a lot I have gotten pictures of. Sorry this is a TON of pictures, but I wanted it all gathered into one post so I could reference it if I needed. Enjoy!

This first one is a diaper bag for a cute baby girl born only yesterday. I used the Sugar & Spice line, from Riley Blake Fabrics, and modified the Amy Butler Everything Bag pattern. I especially loved that I could get the main fabric in a laminated print so I could make a waterproof, wipe-clean bottom and a matching wipe-clean, fold-up changing pad to go with.

Coordinating Easter duds for some friends. I made the skirt, dress, and boys' ties.

Coordinating ties for 2 of the cutest brothers I've seen!

Cute little guy modeling the tie that goes with his sisters' Easter dresses.

This next little girl gets a whole section, since it seems I am her personal seamstress. I started with a newborn quilt, then summer dress she wore when she was just a few months old, followed by a blessing dress, bedroom set, and this year's Easter dress. I wish I could claim making her, she is the cutest little redhead I've seen!

I made the sheet, (plus another one) quilt, and pillows

My boys usually get something made by me for most birthdays & Christmasses. I can't say they are the FAVORITE gifts, but they seem to like getting stuff I've made them.

This isn't a great picture, but I made E a Lego Belt. Also made him the t-shirt to wear that day.

Birthday PJ's

Harry Potter robe I whipped up for Christmas. You can't see the Griffindor patch, but I ordered that online to put on it.

And of course, I'm always making Pilot caps and Lego Shirts for my Etsy Shop. They seem to be the favorites.

This is my Easter skirt for this year, made to match the boys' coordinating green & navy clothing. I didn't wear it for the family pictures, I wore a navy dress, but I wanted a skirt since it's easier to nurse a baby in. It was sort of an experiment with the ruffle sewed underneath into a wide hem. I like how the pockets turned out. Sorry it's a bad picture.

And here is last year's Easter creations. An Easter dress for baby #4, unknown gender at the time, and a skirt for me to match. Couldn't find a great picture of me in it, but you get the idea.

I've made about a bajillion t-shirts, but here are just a few.

Caped shirt that says "Super Bubby" on the front (His nickname is Bubby)

Love this Yoda shirt designed by my talented friend

This is an infant gown made out of an old Beatles shirt of mine. It was WAY too small on C, but we put it on for a picture.

This was also designed by my friend, and just about sums up E

I LOVE that DH and I learned to tie-dye this year. I hope to continue to improve that skill.

If you are a reader who wants to know C's name, this t-shirt I made him may give you a clue. And no, it's not Charles.

I'm glad I can make shirts, because I don't think you can find a Lemony Snicket shirt out there, and my boy M is a big fan. He's on book 10 now.

And a Harry Potter shirt, of course. In fact, this is only ONE of his Harry Potter shirts. (Can you tell the kid likes Harry Potter?)

Okay, I think that's enough for now.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter!

Well, the dress fits just right. I guessed just right on the sizing when I made it last Easter out of scraps from my Easter skirt. The only thing that I was off on was the gender.

Regardless, he looks cute in his Easter dress!

And I love that he can stand leaning on things now, it makes him look like such a little man! (Well, maybe not in this outfit)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The birthday, part 1

So it's been over a week, but I've been sick the whole time since then, so I'm a little behind. The title says part one because we are celebrating with Grammy & Pops in Boise this weekend. The birthday boy turned 5 successfully and was very happy all day. It started out at 8am with Aunt Whitney taking him to his restaurant of choice for breakfast; Cracker Barrel! He not only got a delicious breakfast complete with SODA to drink, he got to pick out a present at the gift shop there. He chose a pirate gun that shot nerf darts. HUGE shocker there!

After breakfast, he helped finish up decorating his light saber cake with some yellow stars. Then it was time to drop off the brothers at a neighbor's and he and I headed to Kindergarten Round-up, where he got to go into the classroom with one of his friends from the neighborhood to hear a story and do a craft. He is super excited about going to Kindergarten now.

After a bit of dart shooting and some lunch, he went to preschool where he was the King for the Day. He really enjoyed sharing fruit snacks and m&m's with his class. At the end of school, I brought a poster he and I had put together and we got to tell all about him. He LOVED the attention but acted shy.

After a few minutes at home, Grandma got off work and came over. We went to Boondocks, one of his favorite fun-center type places, where they give you a free unlimited pass on your birthday. He played in the kiddie cove, enjoyed the arcade (he's good- he won 3 big candy bars on 1 game!) and mini-golfed in the wind/rain with Grandma and M. Daddy joined us after work and a fun time was had by all.

Dinner was next- pizza and salad and a lot of grownups who love him. Presents and cake followed and he was a very happy boy.

He has had a TON of fun playing with them, and keeps asking me to take pictures of the creations he makes with the block set we got him. It's pretty cute watching him concentrate so hard to build things.