Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First Day of School

Today was our first official day of school. Here we are on the porch before getting started.

This is the schoolroom our mom set up in the basement for us.

After some name-game songs and opening up our schoolhouses to start the day, we practiced tracing our full names.

After that, we had 2 minutes to find 3 things in the basement that start with the same letter as our names.

For our lesson, we learned about the origins of names, family crests, and looked up the meanings of all 3 of our names! We got to make our own crest where we drew pictures of each of the meanings of the names.

I drew a soldier, a deer lover, and a bright sun.
E drew himself helping rake the yard, a knight's shield and helmet, and a bright sun. Then it was time for us to pick something from one of the "stations" set up in the school to do. I worked on a collage, and E played with dominoes.

For snack time, we got to make our letters out of strips of cheese. Yum!

Recess at the park ended our school day. I can't wait until tomorrow's school!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Random august

We've done a bunch of stuff this month. We had our 8th anniversary, we have camped (some of us twice) Grandma had a birthday (Happy Birthday Mom!) and done stuff around the yard and home. I am busy getting ready to start home school on Wednesday and I have about finished baby N's christmas stocking and will post a picture when it's done. Here are some random pictures of our month:

M and I made a peach pie today. Here he is pointing out my mistakes in weaving the top.

And I let him trim, he had so much fun! (don't mind the peach I have all over my belly and didn't even know it until I saw the pictures.)

Putting together mom's birthday present

Mom and some of her gifts
E being who knows what complied from many different dressups

E being a chicken. He was hilarious
1 week ago, my sister came to babysit while we enjoyed some of DH's birthday gift certificates for our 8 year anniversary. Happy anniversary honey!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Some Quilts for my Baby

I finally have some quilts finished for baby N. I'm sure he really cares about that ;)

Blue/Yellow scrap-user quilt, done all on machine.Detail of edge/back fabric
Square and Circles quilt I designed and made using Lizzy House's "Red Letter Day" collection. This is much larger than the blue & yellow one and done by hand using different colors of thread & different sizes of circles.
Circle hand-quilting detail

Back of Circles Quilt

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Once again, it's a hit.....

The boys really look forward to the fair each year. This year M even did some watercolors of a horse and a cow to enter, but we found out he was too young. He wants to try next year, and they both want to enter the stick horse racing in the Jr. rodeo. E was very brave, electing to touch a snake in the science tent, brush a large cow, and pet a variety of animals. M needed a nap he didn't get, so was the ornery pony rider and reluctant to interact with any animal. The food, as always, was a hit with everyone, and the rodeo was very entertaining. (Especially E's 2 side shows he put on by getting his leg stuck in the seat and screaming bloody murder.) I think the alligator show would have been better received if it wasn't in full sun during the hottest part of the day, but it was pretty good. The balloon weapons were very much enjoyed until the crazy dust storm blew them away and pretty much made us leave. All in all it was a good time for the price of $1 for parking. The boys CAN'T WAIT for the state fair next month, they are already talking about it. I wonder how much fun all that walking will be for me by then (37 weeks) I guess we'll find out!


Saturday, August 1, 2009


The kids have been pretty spoiled lately by their Grandma and Grandpa. Last week Grandma sat through G-Force with them at the theater, and took us swimming at her local pool.

Today was a really fun surprise.

Grandma came over this morning and surprised the boys with these:
Then they went to do this:

At this place:And we came home with these for Sunday dinner:

I was spoiled too. Last week I had one of these:

Complete with one of these:

And some of these:

Along with 2 lunches with friends and an out-for-yogurt. It's been a great spoiled week, thanks everyone!