Thursday, September 25, 2008

So, um, can you tell I've been busy?

Man, I was just looking at my past several blog posts and I'm sure a bore!

Still busy, but I'll get to the vacation pictures sometime this weekend if I can.

For now, everyone check out what my good friend has to say about being CREATIVE. I really love how she puts it, and have been thinking much of the same lately. Read it!

Friday, September 12, 2008

One more day!

So, as I was walking through the living room today I noticed a little stowaway in my nearly-packed suitcase. I guess Woody will be coming to Disney World with us!

Try to ignore the ugly toes, I just wanted to show off my silly toenails.

So, everyone pray for less humidity and cool breezes (not hurricanes) and we'll be back in a week!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I keep meaning to do this and never remember.

This summer, the kids and I have been listening to this album in the car:
It's great for kids and a lot lower on the annoying scale for adults. I really love the song "Pollywog in a Bog," it's just so catchy. M's fav. is 7-8-9 and E begs to listen to Eraser. Check it out if you like BNL. You can listen to some songs here.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


My personal jeweler (that's what I call her, since she makes about everything I wear) just opened her Etsy shop and there's some way cute stuff on there! Check it out Here

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Millions of Peaches, Peaches for Free..

This is an open invitation to anyone who knows where we live to come and get some big, beautiful, delicious peaches from our tree. I have put up more than we'll probably use and I'm tired, so please come get them!

We have a ladder if you want, just knock and I'll get it for you. :)

Friday, September 5, 2008

Aa and one big pig

It was quite the educational week! We officially started the school year for "Sunshine School." This week (I was the teacher) we learned about rules/laws and the difference between decisions and rules. They learned how to write a big and little Aa and a 1. It was a bit hard working E into the school day with the rest of the kids. He did much better the second day. Here are a few shots I got of our first day:

Last night we took the boys to the State Fair. It was pretty fun. They had a little area where young kids could be a farmer, feeding and milking a cow, planting and picking vegetables, combing and "shearing" sheep, gassing up and riding tractors, picking apples, gathering eggs and then selling it all to a market and getting paid. At the end there was a store where they got to buy a treat with their "money" they earned. It was pretty cute. The animals were fun, too. M's favorite was a really big pig he of course named "wilbur." We saw a lot of great displays, quilts, art, food, photos, and square dancers. We let the boys choose a ride and they rode a little train.

Of course the best part was the food. Hand cut curly fries, chicken, homemade ice cream, pronto pups, fry bread, and cherry lime-aid. Can't beat fair food!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Soul food, new PJ's and much, much more....

Pretty good week. Enjoying the last of the summer before school starts. (tomorrow!) The weather this weekend certainly tried to signal the end of the summer. It was cold, stormy, dark, rainy, and we got pretty good sized hail that knocked half of our peaches off the tree.

I will try to remember some of the highlights of the week.

1- For the first time ever, the DH came to Cherry Hill with us. He has been meaning to for the last few summers, but didn't make it until Friday night. It was fun and nice to have more help in the water with boys who seem to think the water wings are just for decoration and can be removed at any time. (note to self: enroll kids in swimming lessons)

2- Mom helped me can 14 quarts of tomatoes from her garden. (thanks mom!) We even did most of it while the kids slept at her house. I may not have kids who sleep very independently, but at least they'll sleep other places, it's nice sometimes.
The tomatoes from my garden are coming on slowly and so I freeze them as I get enough. I took pictures and was going to post a freezing tomatoes tutorial if I got time- anyone interested?

3- Had a wonderful lunch and fun time playing with two of my BFF's, Becki, and Summer. It was fun to have Becki here from Wisconsin for a few weeks. We just sat and marveled that between the three of us, we had produced six kids! (five of them boys) It still blows me away. I think in my mind I still feel like I'm too young to be a mom. Or something.

4- Had our last Disney Party, where we ate Southern food, watched "Song of the South," and handed out packing lists and final itineraries. Only 12 more days until we head for Sunny Orlando!

5- Watched the DH do the dishes (twice!) this weekend. That was nice :)

6- Today, for our labor day celebration, we had fondue for dinner, which the boys loved. We even had chocolate fondue for the FHE treat, when we were graced with a surprise visit by Aunt Whit!
Here is E asleep on the couch where I found him after doing some housework. I think this is the first time (other than the car) that he has fallen asleep on his own. Maybe it will be a trend?
The family at our party (Whit was asleep on the floor) DH decorated that Mickey cake.

Hadn't taken a "before church" picture in a while, since one of us usually comes late after they wake up from their naps- 12:30 church- arrrh! There were many with just one boy looking at the camera- that's always the way.
New fall PJ's! They are wearing each other's favorite thing. Why does that always happen with sizes? Oh well, eventually the cowboy ones will be E's.