Wednesday, October 3, 2007

10 years ago....

Thanks Sum, I really needed to be reminded of the past ;)

5 Things I was doing 10 years ago:
1 - Starting my junior year of high school, probably a big turning point in my life
2 - Starting my first (legal) job at Dairy Queen in Layton
3 - Starting to date and drive! (of course being the LAST of my friends to do so, gosh!)
4 - Singing and dancing in Limited Edition at Davis High
5 - Hanging out with a bunch of people I didn't realize were drunk half the time (stupid, naive mormon girl)

5 Things on my To-Do List Today: (literally, I keep a very detailed to-do list, thanks to mommy memory)
1 - taking the kids to a neighbor's house to be babysat
2 - Get something for my brother's birthday present
3 - Continue scraping, sanding, and painting the wood trim on my house and sheds from about 10-4 (this is my project this week, and my arms are so carpul-tunnely I could die)
4 - Stake temple reccomend interviews
5 - Make breakfast, lunch, & dinner, clean it up, etc. etc. etc.

5 Songs I know the Lyrics To: (almost every song I've heard, this is easy for me, but here are some favorites)
1 - Sinkin' Soon- Norah Jones (one of my favorites since I had a dream I sang this at a Relief Society meeting)
2 - Blue Bayou- a classic, and I think the one and only interest me and my old boss, John had in common
3 - Big Yellow Taxi- Joni Mitchell- this is, I kid you not, M's favorite song of all times (and no Ann, I'm not "making him gay")
4 - The Mickey Mouse Club theme song- everyone within 100 yards of us in the grocery store also learns the lyrics to this
5 - Make Believe Town by P, P, & Mary- I think this is quite a feat, it's a really, really weird song

5 Things I Would Do if I Had One Million Dollars:
1 - Of course tithing
2 - Pay off house, then sell it, then buy a new one with at least 3 bedrooms and a place to put my food storage
3 - Give a bunch to help end FGM in Africa
4 - Start my own business with DH (probably something to do with theatre)
5 - Get a boob job, of course!

5 Things I Will Never Wear Again:
1 - Florescent pink
2 - That shiny molded clay jewelry I made myself
3 - Anything that shows my stomach (aka that lump with the purple stripes)
4 - Leggings
5 - White eyeliner

5 Favorite Toys:
1 - Muffin tins- a girl can never have too many
2 - my computer
3 - My sewing machine & serger
4 - DVR
5 - My cell phone

5 People I'm Tagging:
1 - Allie
2 - Chris
3 - Bek
4 - Annzy
5 - Jessie

Or just whoever wants to!


annzy said...

I still don't approve of joni mitchel but man ~you were in high school 10 years ago, I feel old now.

Summer said...

and I'm assuming a boob job in reverse? :)
And it's a good thing we met each other jr year, otherwise I think we both were doomed!
Hurray for physics! And hurray for really strong towers that don't break...